Monday, April 18, 2005

Still doing baby steps, painting wise.

Yet again, i did minimal painting work tonight. So there is now a chance, Duregar will paint up a few Cadian squads before i finish half the grey hunter pack. One hunter is still slowly progressing onwards, and all that needs to be done for him is his bolter arm + bolter, right shoulder pad, minor touch ups on his backpack and his eyes. All of which can/could be done in one sitting if i get enough time to do so. But as i always say, we'll see how it goes.

Later on in the week, im thinking of re-creating my links section, so its a bit more organised and done in a category-like style. At this point in time, ill probably be adding in 4 new links (two image hosting, two web-comics).

Hopefully ill have some more pleasing news for tomorrow.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Still Slowly Progressing.....

I'm still making slow progress on the hunters, with one nearing about 80% completeness. Should be able to whack on his backpack and shoulder pad tomorrow, and maybe even his head. However, i MAY leave the head til i attach the other arm, which is probably a few hours more work, but it shouldnt be too bad at all. Definitely be the end of next week ill have TWO Grey Hunters completed, so i am getting there.

As for my Sisters, i started up a third color test, because i found a blue that was around the lightness of what i was wanting, but i fear it may be TOO light. However, im going to try it out, but i suspect im sticking with the light grey scheme for sure. If i can find a suitable sister, i may start up a proper Sisters paint test in the next week or so.

Thats about it really...


Saturday, April 16, 2005

Just a lil Update

Nothing major to report, just did a lil bit of painting here and there. Did some painting on a helm'd head, but i dunno, im not liking it, but maybe its just me and the fact the eyes and metal areas havent been done yet. But we'll see how things go with that. Didnt really end up finishing anything, although tomorrow i suspect ill get maybe 85% of another grey hunter done and we'll see how things go with the others.

Just for everyones interest i HAVE settled down on my posting "frenzy" on the B&C, now that i feel sufficiently caught up in things.

Ive been suggested by Duregar to send my single Grey Hunter into the PC&A, and im still in a yay/nay concept about it. If i do move it, i want to try and get the thunderwolf great company decal on and maybe add his name to the side of his base (this is debatable, as alot of people nay to this practice). Duregar also suggested to do it in the typical runic fashion, which i probably will do, but as i said, im not sure if it will enhance the model, or make it drop down a few notches.

No pics tonight, as you got a few the other night and there isnt anything that important to really take a picture of.

Til tomorrow!


Friday, April 15, 2005

Random Musing from B&C

Heh, so here is a random pic of my day at the B&C. I thought it was quite memorable, as i dont think ive ever had that many posts in one go. So yeah, have a look at the pic and you'll see why. I COULD have gone higher, but i thought id stop while the going was good.

Random Musing from the B&C Posted by Hello


Time for some new pics!

Here we are folks, a new pic of my current Paint in Progress Grey Hunters. There are two more grey hunters not shown, as i have some touching up to do to those two. The third hunter from the left will probably be the next mini to be completed. But we'll see how things go. Not looking too bad in my books, i actually kinda like what i have done. So, slowly but surely things are getting there, hopefully by the end of next week we'll see some more pleasant results. I'm still hoping (now that its half way through April) i will still finish half the pack of Grey Hunters, as i hoped to do for my April goals. Of course i would like to finish more, but i dont want to aim TOO high.

Current Paint in Progress Grey Hunters Posted by Hello


What Y'all been waiting for!

Here it is gentlemen, the first completed Grey Hunter in ALL his glory!! Overall, i am impressed with the paintjob, although i believe i may need to do some highlights here and there. Other work that needs to be done is the finishing of the base and the attachment of the Thunderwolf symbol on his left shoulder pad. Otherwise, he is pretty much ready for the table. I think the only things i would try to do different for future Hunters is the left shoulder pad, and perhaps i should have stuck to doing black lining for it. Otherwise, thats him. I'll assign him a name within the next few days (just need to go through my Space Wolves notepad). And if anyone asks, his bolter IS drilled out!

Completed Grey Hunter (Name Unknown) Posted by Hello


Thursday, April 14, 2005

Ugh, work + 40K = NOTHING!!!

If you thought last night's pure undercoat thing was bad, tonight is worse as i didn't get ANYTHING done >.< However, in THEORY tonight shall be the last extended day of work and it will be back to normal day time hours for me. This is a good thing of course, as when im not at work, or eating at home, im actually sleeping....

So tomorrow, i am hoping to get some more work done as well take a few snaps, although bare in mind, it MAY not happen, as my body re-adjusts to actually being able to be at home at 2AM.


Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Undercoating night.

I had a quick check of the batteries in the Digicam and i do still get a charge going, but not a full charge, so ugh, heck knows how long its going to take for a full battery charge. However, ill try and take some pics again tomorrow night and keep going until the batteries "die" and take it from there.

As the title says tonight was an undercoat night. Would have done more, but im pulling alot of work shifts here and there, so most of my time NOT involved with work is trying to get a moments peace OR sleeping. None the less, on top of the previous base coated three grey hunters, i now have three new grey hunters out on the production line. Also undercoated some odds and ends for one grey hunter, so things are progressing nicely, although i would love a bit more time to do some more painting.

Modelling wise, havent done much, if any at all, as i am rather focused on trying to get these grey hunters done. Hopefully ill get one, maybe two grey hunters do a 75% completed level come the early weekend, but we'll see how things go.

Tomorrow i will get pics of some sort, as ive noticed my front page of my blog is almost pure text.


Tuesday, April 12, 2005


My FIRST Grey Hunter has been completed! Other than the thunderwolf symbol and the snow, paint wise, the model is completed. However, the batteries are STILL charging, so heck knows when the first pic of this Grey Hunter will be done. I guess that gives me some extra time to assign his name, which i will write underneath his base (not on the side). Tomorrow i suspect will be more of a undercoat and basecoat night more than anything else and i will TRY and get a pic of this grey hunter. So one down, nine more to go. Although i have that sad feeling, i wont have half the pack done by the middle of the month, i could stand to get two very close, as arms, shoulder pads, shoulder pads and helm'd heads arent too difficult to do.

So yeah, GO ME! ^_^


Monday, April 11, 2005

Slightly Concerned.

A few minutes ago i had a quick check of my battery charger and low and behold, the darn red light is STILL ON!! So, those pics i promised for tonight, may not happen, as im not willing to take the batteries til i see the green light on the charger. Of course in saying that, the light probably just switched to green knowing my "luck" for today.

In other news, picked up a few odds and ends off ebay (so much for controlled spluring) one of which was Ragnar's Claw, for a nice price. So, im only missing ONE Space Wolves Novel, although trying to find 'Soul Drinker' and these Blood Angels ones will probably take a bit more determination.

Other than that, we'll see how things go. Im still determined to finish that grey hunter, as i need something to keep me awake and functioning due to a lack of sleep and the fact i have to pop into work at 2AM.... Thank goodness its almost over.


Victory is within my grasp!!

I am a literal DAY away from completing my first grey hunter!! I would have taken a picture tonight, alas my batteries DID die, and my rechargable ones are still charing (think i need to give them 16 hours or so). What do i have left on this single grey hunter? Simple.. Just his right shoulder pad (mainly the pelt and red stripe) and i have a red stripe to paint on his right knee pad. Once that is done, he is FINISHED!! Assuming the rechargable batteries are charged up tomorrow, y'all will get pics!!

Other Grey Hunters are slowly progressing now, but not as much as that single one as i was aiming really hard to have it done tonight. But its almost complete ^_^

A new Grey Hunter has hit the painting line, as im sure more will follow after the completion of this single hunter. Even managed to paint his hair in the EXACT way i wanted it, so all thanks to the vallejo paint range there. Great Company wise, i will probably stick to the thunderwolf marking, as i dont trust my free hand what so ever! Plus, the 2nd edition codex says its a lucky marking, so yeah, i think ill side with luck. Plus it takes me so long as it is to churn out minis, so why not go with the pre-made decals.

It is unfortunate no pics could be taken, but at least the next time i take pics, the mini will be in its finished glory and added to my photobucket (all profile view). Heck knows if ill finish any more by the end of the week, but we'll see how things go.

So stay tuned in tomorrow, as you'll see a completed mini in all its glory!!


Sunday, April 10, 2005

Didn't get as much done as i wanted

Before y'all yell at me, i DID do the GS work i wanted to do today, although in my traditionalistic fashion, i made too MUCH GS, however this situation was quickly corrected and i started laying down some snow work on 6 bases for my Blood Claws, so yeah, its great that im playing Wolves at times. So i fixed up the last few models that had some join issues as well as did up the markings. Although, i just realised i wanted to do some bolter work *groans* oh well, ill just paint runes on i guess to make life simplier, or else ill be playing with these hunters til next year. But so far, things are good, although the pack markings are a lil iffy on some models, mainly due to the fact i had already done the horrid looking wolf pelts on them previously. So note for future reference, doing pack markings BEFORE adding on wolf pelts. Did a tad bit more painting, not alot to be honest. Started the flesh work on one hunters head, as well as did up his shoulder pad. As well as do a bit more paint work on the bases. On the note of the shoulder pad, since i am planning to place the thunderwolf sign on top of a ghost grey pad, should i have bothered to black line the pad with the sombre grey? Or wait til i do hit the wolf grey/ghost grey scheme and do the lining in then? I thought it might be a bit of a transition jump in paint color, so i may go back and remove the sombre 'black line' and do it when i hit the next step. Actually, i was thinking about it, and i may actually NOT go with the thunderwolf and try a more stylized symbol for something else.

Also picked up a black ink and an EXPENSIVE empty paint pot for my orange ink (since it was in the old bottle). None the less, with the GS work now completed, its pretty much full steam ahead on these Grey Hunters now and i hope tomorrow, ill be very close to hitting a completed stage on ONE of them as well as progress well on a few others.


Friday, April 08, 2005

Still keeping the minor update theme going.

Once again i did a lil bit more work on the Wolves, so ill be a nice person and get some pics sometime this weekend, so some of you can "oogle" my work. I didnt do a whole lot tonight, but its still a wee bit to keep me on track. Got some more stuff onto the production line for undercoating etc, so im happy.

Had a lil splurge tonight 40K wise, bought me some new paints and inks as well as FOUR black library books, namely: Space Wolf, Grey Hunter, The Bleeding Chalice and Crimson Tears. Oddly enough, i only found out tonight that Crimson Tears is the 3rd book to the whole Soul Drinkers series, so i was impressed. Need to find the first book though, as i wont be reading those until i have the first one. Also wanna see if i can pick up the other two Space Wolves series as well.

So that pretty much wraps this post up.....


Thursday, April 07, 2005

Another minor Space Wolves Update

Once again, i am posting yet another minor Space Wolves update. Although i only painted for under an hour (bought some DVDs tonight) i THINK i have two body sections done, adding the total to THREE body sections completed. The other torso i suspect will be completed within the next few days, as i need to just add some final touches to the large wolf pelt and then i can get underway on the remaining torso segements: belt and chest eagle. This weekend i am also going to try and get some GS work done so i can get started on the remaining 6 odd grey hunters. I also believe i have some purity seals to carefully remove, but other than that, progress is going well. Since its only the 7th of April, im still hopeful for a single completed grey hunter by the end of the month, especially if i get this GS work done this weekend. The only thing that "bothers" me is that i havent decided if i want to have a color for the Great Company shoulder pad. Since im using the thunderwolf as my great company marking, i dont necassarily "need" to do a shoulder pad color. However any ideas/suggestions would be nice. Other than that, there isnt that much to report.

Before i forget, in addition to my "mad" DVD splurge (3 DVDs for $70) i also picked up some rechargable batteries for my Digicam, so never again shall their be pauses in images, unless i come out and say NO images!!

As always, check in again tomorrow to see what new work ive done and hopefully there will be some rejoicing about more completed paint stages.


Minor Wolves Update

I like trying out all these fonts, although some of them dont look as good as others. As the title suggets, this is just a short Space Wolves update.

Did a lil bit of painting work, and as i told Rico, it was more of a "pelt night" more than anything else and i think most of the paints i used were all in the brown area. Going ok thus far, still got lil bits and pieces to go, but i hope by the end of this week, at least by the early weekend, ill have four torsos finished. I suspect the "pack leader" will need a bit more work, as im still deciding what color to paint his lil "belt" area. But we'll see how things go. I know for a fact ill get more done between now and then for sure, just remains to be seen what and how much.

I also played around with my future Wolf Guard Battle Leader which will be utilising Chaos Warrior parts. Basically i wanted to try and decrease the use of the Warrior parts and make the mini more 40K lookin' than fantasy. Got a few ideas and could even stand to create two marines out of one warrior. Still need to figure out how to make my Battle Leader stand out from what will be my future 13th Company though.

Otherwise, thats it for today, check back again tomorrow, as im sure ill have an update of some sort.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Blog Changes

After seeing Arjan's blog and realising what i needed to do, i added in a small links section on the right toolbar. Got some links two other blog sites, two forums and my own photobucket to make things slightly easier for everyone.

Hopefully i will do a painting update tonight for everyone and see how things go there. Otherwise, thats it from me.


Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Space Wolves Update

So blogger is being WEIRD atm with all these damn errors, but my SoB post came through in the end (2-3 hrs later).

So here we have the wolves. As you can see the chests have been done, sadly in gold, but oh well. Btw, the marine on the far right is only blu-tac'd as im workin' on his pelt atm. You can see ive done the "lining" of it, but i need to do the fur section before i glue it onto the mini itself. The chest "eagles" look so-so, although i think i might do a wash over them again, as it looks like i just fully painted them, but in real life there IS a distinction of the wing segments. Hopefully if all goes well, these four hunters (as you see them now) will have all their bits and pieces done as the Sisters test colors are now completed. So basically i just have my half a grey hunter pack and the thousand sons mini to complete for this month and ill actually be doing well. The only downside that i can forsee atm is that i wont be hittin the hobby shop til friday evening, so the far right hunter may not be completed as i wont have the paints/inks i want (hence why i did gold "eagles"). Also, i wont be taking any pics til the end of the week, as i need to get new batteries for the cam as i kinda almost killed them doing these two pics (think i mentioned this in the SoB update). Otherwise, thats it from me for today.

Read Above as always. Posted by Hello


Latest SoB Update

Thought id try a different font today. So here is the Sisters of Battle tests yet again. Pics are ALOT better this time around as i think i know what was wrong the last time, so they are alot more true to color, although the paintjob does look better in real life. Im definitely thinking im sticking to the grey for sure, as the blue isn't too crash hot, unless i mixed colors to get it lighter, but im not ready to do that yet. Im probably going to leave the test minis there, since the main objective has been achieved. In saying that, it means i have ACCOMPLISED one of my set goals for April!! Although, this doesnt mean im moving into painting my Sisters now, it does mean that the scheme is a bit more confirmed. I also did some highlights with both Skull White (GW) and Ghost Grey (Vallejo) Im thinking ill stick to the white highlights, as the ghost grey had a slight tint of blue to it. Although we will see. I'd have to paint something in full ghost grey to confirm if the blue tint is there, but otherwise, the grey seems sorted out and that WILL be the grey i will use for my sisters.

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Monday, April 04, 2005

Second Space Wolves update

Still have no idea why the images are more yellow. Not much has changed here, so i did a lil bit of metal work on the chainsword and the bases. The torso to the guy on the left IS being worked on, so dont worry. After the pelt is done, ill hopefully be able to glue it into the base and continue work from there.

Before i forget, here is the FINISHED test colors for my Sisters of Battle, well the basecoats anyway. Im quite happy with them paint wise, although it is a bit rough in some areas, for about 45 mins work on each (i noted the time i started and finished on the second model) it wasnt too bad. All done with ONE brush and i still managed to pull of some black lining here and there. The pic isnt going to do them justice too much, although im definitely leaning towards the grey over the blue. As someone said earlier, they seem too Ultramarine like (when they were using the lighter blue color). But overall, i am happy with the result. I'll probably play with the chest eagles in the colors i would use for the Fleur de Lys and maybe ill do something about the purity seals and the metal areas here and there. Otherwise, its done in my books, as it was the base coat i was interested in. I also noticed, more particularly with the blue, that in some areas, the previous base coat comes out, and sure it may make it messy, in a way i like it as it gives the armor some form of "texture".

Enjoy the some what crappy pic, and remember to keep voting for the SoB schemes. Since its equal for the grey color, i MAY go with both schemes and use the variations in the red robes as a way of marking out Sisters eg Standard Battle Sister and (Veteran) Sister Superiors.

SoB Color Test Pic

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First Space Wolves Update for today.

I have NO idea why the pics came out more yellow than white, but i may suspect my camera may be dying (battery wise). So those are the two "random" Grey Hunters that now sport a finished base coat. Yeah, the black lining isnt great in some areas, but c'mon, im still getting there! Would have done some work on the chest areas, but i want to acquire an orange ink (if i can find one, since it's now discontinued). Other than that, yes they are slowly getting there.

Read above stuff for more info as always. Posted by Hello


Im still trucking!!

Topic by topic post yet again!!

Space Wolves
So those last two grey hunters (legs + torso) have been completed, base coat wise. So surprisingly enough, i think i am doing quite well. Did some metal work here and there, so come tomorrow, i think i might start work on those chest section of those two 'random grey hunters'. At this stage, im thinking i should REALLY assign them names, cos yeah, ive got 10 names picked out for my grey hunters, i just havent written them yet, and i know people dont always find it asthetically pleasing seeing names written on the side of bases, so im going to write mine underneath the base! Although i would prefer the side of the base in nice fancy lettering, but im not that crash hot at painting. None the less, my Grey Hunters are proceeding quite well and for the first time ever i MAY complete the goal of having half my grey hunters completed by the end of this month. I didnt grab a pic tonight, so it will have to wait til later on in the week. If you are lucky, you'll see something tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed.

Sisters of Battle
I continued on with the test colors, specifically the grey one, given how the poll is going (GO VOTE YOU LAZY BASTARDS! :P). What scared me is that within ONE hour i manged to apply the light grey coat (Wolf Grey) to a pre-assembled model, minus the arms and still have it looking semi-decent. Now admittedly it does look more 'painterly' but it aint too bad, even managed to do some form of black lining without having to resort to using my extra detail brush. Doesnt look too bad, looks more like an off white, but that may suit well, since the Sisters like to use predominantly black, red and white. Im not in the debate whether to skip the Cold grey coat and just apply the wolf grey straight over the black undercoat (may end up looking a tad bit darker) or keep the Cold Grey. It doesnt look too bad to be honest (Black undercoat -> Cold Grey -> Wolf Grey) and some of the Cold Grey does still come through in some areas. Now if i was being excessively evil, i could have just done a complete Cold Grey Basecoat followed by the Wolf Grey and used the Cold Grey for more of a 'Grey Lining' technique. Why do i say this? Well if this was a standard marine i was painting, the Cold Grey would be a waste as it would be covered up completely. Pics of this marine will come soon, and now i wish i had a better pic of it with the Cold Grey coat, but oh well. For the sake of argument, the only thing left to do really is the Chest (which will be done in white, just like i plan to do with the Fleur de Lys) and any other tid bits i feel worth of wanting to do. I just wonder if Fortress Grey turns out just as light. Also debating whether to do White highlights or Ghostly Grey, although im leaning towards the latter, but i WILL do half and half highlights to see which one is better. If everyone behaves, i may get a pic of it tomorrow (in addition to some Space Wolves) just to keep everyone happy.

Well, i havent touched my Thousand Sons test mini in a while, mainly cos the Sisters test color work has been a bit higher on the priority (somehow). Hoping to visit the hobby store this week to pick up some new paints and maybe a new brush. Trying to RESIST the urge to by a box, but after reading a thread on the B&C, it kinda makes me want to splurge a lil.

Keep watchin' as always!


Sunday, April 03, 2005

A Poll!!!!

Taking some advice from Vash and moving it to the next level, i bring to you a PAINTING POLL!!

Since the color scheme of my Sisters is still in MUCH doubt, ive worked on some images in paintshop pro and came up with the following image:

Sisters of Battle Poll!!

You have FOUR choices: '1', '1.1', '2' and '?'

Now for the clarifications:

- 1.1 differs from 1 in that there is lighter robes. Otherwise, the armor color is the same.
- '?' is basically meaning back to the drawing board i go. If you feel the first three schemes arent very nice, suggest some ideas alterations and i can get back to you on those ones. I am preferring to avoid the major current Order colors, as well as things like Dark Grey, Purple, Dark Green, Blue-Grey, Dark Blue as i dont want to repeat main colors on two different armies. Admittedly, '2' isnt as light as i would like it to be, but its just a visual guess, its not like i can upload my Vallejo and GW paint collections into Paintshop pro for more true to color colors.

PLEASE vote. Just leave a comment in this post. I will be VERY hurt if you dont vote!! I'll hopefully announce the results within the next few days :)


Had a lil bit of a think.

Just did about 45 mins or so worth of painting, not that it really shows. For future reference, i am definitely NOT glueing torsos to legs, especially if there is a bit dangling in front of the crotch of the legs as it makes things rather DIFFICULT! That aside, i did some painting on the bases and im thinking, maybe the whole washes of wolf grey is the wrong way to go about it. After the last wash, i noticed the wolf grey actually "pools" in the recesses (ok, this i should know already). So instead of washing it, im thinking im going to paint it as normal and do a heavy wash with the Sombre Grey to get it to pool into the recesses and then touch up with the Wolf Grey, added by a quick dry brush of Ghostly Grey.

Aside from that, didnt do much as i was busy doing details on one grey hunter (as ive always said, black lining is a pain). Hoping to have those two recently started Grey Hunters done by the end of this weekend and maybe start on the next base coats on my Sisters of Battle test minis.


Sisters of Battle Ideas

In between the whole deciding what paint scheme im going to choose and my other WIP armies, i was thinking about what i can do to convert the Sisters. Admitedly there isnt many models available for conversions, and my GS skills arent THAT crash hot. So in saying that, any models i wish to convert will be based on the Retributor models since they are the only ones that dont come with their arms attached. So here are my ideas:

- Simple change in Leg Postions. Will definitely require GS work afterwards.
- Some models CAN have weapon changes, notably the Sister who is priming her grenade with her mouth. Sister Superior models may be useable without too much hacking and slashing.
- Seraphim are potentially useful, although more work is needed there. If their legs can be repositioned and new arms looked for, they can be an excellent addition. I was looking at the artwork for the Sisters and a fair few do have a more gauntlet looking arm piece than the gloved look. This is good, as Marine arms could be used, although the scale may be an issue. Chaos Warrior arms were also a thought.
- Torso segment from the tank sprue is a possibility, once some arms and legs are acquired.
- For my Celestians, im going to go for a more hooded look, as well as the occasional Sabbart + Fleur de Lys helmed Celestian. Should be interesting for sure.

They are the ideas i have thought of, although none will be looked into just yet until i sort out the issue with the Paint Scheme. Ive been in contact with Vash on the B&C via PM and he suggested to do some more Paintshop images, which i will try and do. It isnt the best, but im just lookin' for an overall feel for the color scheme. So hopefully ill get some of those cranking by the end of today and may have a lil voting poll for what is good/bad/oh so very wrong and should be in a Slaanesh army etc etc.


Friday, April 01, 2005

Sisters of Battle Pic Update

Yes i am aware these ARENT Sisters of Battle models, but i wasnt prepared to sacrifice two models to test out the color scheme. Unfortunately, this has probably been my WORST pic taken on the digicam since ive had it, so ill have to work on that next time. On the left we have a base coat of Cold Grey (definitely makes me want to do a Space Wolves 13th Co army) and the right is a test of Imperial Blue (Vallejo) as a basecoat. As i said, the pics arent doing the colors justice at all. You may also alot of the standard "care" i take went out the window in these two minis. This is not because my painting skills are "de-evolving" but i choose to be a bit more "painterly" with the paint application over being precise. Some of the black lining DID come out, but these two models are more for color testing and not technique testing. However, the next paint coats WILL be alot more precise, plus trying to black line with the GW standard brush AFTER the bristles have started to go "funny" isnt an easy task. But since i still intend to have another "basecoat" i wasnt too troubled by the lack of black lining. Obviously when i do the first battle sister mini, of course ill be alot more anal about the details etc. Not the best way to test the color scheme since it isnt even for the right mini, but as i said, i didnt feel like sacrificing minis. Granted, i could strip the mini that had the unwanted scheme, but that to me felt like a waste of time, money and paint. Days like this i wish there was an interactive Sisters paint program (much like the marine one) as that would make ALOT easier!

PIP pic of my Test color schemes for my Sisters of Battle. As always, ready the entry for more details. Posted by Hello


Space Wolves Grey Hunter Pic Update

Here is the latest pic of my Grey Hunters. As you can see, the Hunter in the middle is making good progress now. The two hunters on the left are also doing ok, as their base coat is still slowly being applied (damn desire to black line). Im a lil disappointed that the ruins on the far right base didnt come out looking a tad bit darker (looks better in R/L). Ive also started applying the Wolf Grey wash to the bases, although when i say wash, i literally mean it. The base edges are supposed to be in pure Wolf Grey (non washed) so ill have to touch that up next time. Would have done a bit more, but my eyes were going funny with the whole detail concept.

Im getting there :)

A new PIP pic of my Grey Hunters. Read main entry for more details. Posted by Hello


A more in-depth update!

As i promised previously, I was going to do a more in-depth update. So first off, i welcome Arjan to the whole blogging concept. Although more a Tyranid player, he still has some great stuff to show off, plus he does have that random beer marine that intrigues me.

Arjan's Blog

Now as for my April goals, well i know Duregar will find it awfully repeatitive, but hey, what can i say, im a SLOW painter!

April Goals
- HALF a squad of Grey Hunters
- Complete my Thousand Sons Test Mini
- Complete my Sisters of Battle color tests

The color tests for the sisters will be interesting, as it looks like i may need to look at more than just the armor color at this stage. However, the B&C is currently down, so i cant discuss with Vash some of my more recent ideas.

Now some of you are probably asking, where are the pictures? Here is my answer: NOT READY YET! :P I definitely have some time to do some painting tonight, so ill collect some pics after that. Havent thought about what pics ill be taking, but you'll get some teasers here and there for sure.

Keep watchin this space.


A Quick Update on Things

I intend to do a more extensive update tonight, but im at work atm, and somewhat bored, so here is a SHORT update.

After being "made" to buy it, i finally bought Firewarrior at EB for $30. Not too bad, im quite happy with it at that price. Anyway, it (oddly enough) aint that bad a game, especially with the whole going around and shooting things dead concept. As a result, it is KINDA making me like those damn fish 'eads, so yeah, a lil peeved on that note. However if i was to start a Tau army, bah, GO THE HORDE CONCEPT!! None of this pish pash Battle Suit crap!!

Today is also the start of APRIL! Thus, i will post my April goals later today, although ill hint now, it will be somewhat repeatitive of LAST months goals.

I had a quick think about my Sisters again today, especially after some PMs with Vash from the B&C, and i was wondering, how about yellow robes? If done properly, yellow can be quite appealing and ive rarely seen yellow robes outside of WHFB.

And on my final note, i will post a link to Arjan's blog later on, since ive somewhat started a new craze amoungst the people.

Thats it for this update, check in later on, for a more extensive update and if everything is good, i MAY throw in some pictures!!