Monday, June 14, 2010

Blitz Finished

Well, the Blitz Gundam is now finished (and yes I will post some pics soon!) Not too sure when however, as it appears my Graphics Card may have died last weekend, so next weekend i'll be catching up with friends to do a few things for them, and in return they'll get a new card installed etc etc.

In terms of kits now in progress, this is what i currently have:

- Geara Zulu (1/144 MS Gundam Unicorn)
- Strike Rouge + IWSP (1/144 Gundam Seed Destiny MSV)
- Providence Gundam (1/144 Gundam Seed)
- Gundam Virtue (1/144 Gundam 00)
- Gundam Nadleeh (1/144 Gundam 00)
- Gundam Throne Eins (1/144 Gundam 00)

Hoping to start up soon:

- Gundam Exia Repair II [CLEAR] (1/144 Gundam 00)
- 0 Gundam Type ACD [CLEAR]
(1/144 Gundam 00)

The Exia one will probably be closer to the end since I've already made an Exia and Exia Repair II kit previously.

Kits are still highly varied in terms of general 'quality', but that is to be expected. I guess having gone on that made rush with the Gundam 00 kits have really spoiled me a lot. Will note now though, the Providence kit was annoying! Some of the chest parts were quite small and fiddly, so there was numerous times when i was getting quite miffed at trying to put them into place. With the exception of the Eins, the other WIP kits have the main torso and heads done, so if i get a pic or two of the Blitz, i'll try to take one of those.

The other thing i also need to try to remember is how to insert images from Photobucket and then do the re-size within the blog so the pictures doesnt kill the blog layout *le sigh*


Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Continued Gundam Work

Did a bit of minor work - Finished off the head for Nadleeh, which I will admit, has probably been one of the more fiddly heads I have done thus far but it looks pretty ok, although I was hoping it would look a tad bit more like it would in the show.

No further work has been done on the Geara Zulu, but I did start up the Blitz Gundam (1/144 HG from Gundam Seed) and I was actually quite disappointed that the kits back then were still semi-simplistic and hadn't been produced in the same way the Gundam 00 kits were. So with that all in mind, I'm going to guess alot of the major changes to the 1/144 scale must have occured no more than the last 5 years, but definitely within the last 2-3 years as that is when Gundam 00 came along. Will admit I have had more fun with the Gundam 00 kits, heck Exia (and Exia Repair II) were definitely some complex kits given what I had experienced back from 10 odd years ago.

Was tempted to start up the Virtue (Gundam 00 1/144 HG) alas with the whole sleep time concept starting to kick in, I might have to give it a miss.

Also in complete randomness since I am watching Gundam Seed... This will probably be spoilerific, so I might change the text color: but my goodness the character of Flay Allster IS CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is all!


Monday, May 31, 2010

First Gundam Post!!

Two posts in a row? THIS IS MADNESS!!!


Last night I completed the 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom from Endless Waltz and I still feel 50/50 about it. Although I completed the 1/144 scale version several weeks ago, I can't seem to find myself giving either the 1/100 or the 1/144 higher rating since they both have some 'faults' that I think prevent it from being a really good kit.

Looks wise, the 1/100 looks great and I will definitely admit, the amount of construction work involved on the newer 1/144 scale versus HG from 10 years ago have really improved. I am glad that bits of the 1/144 were made into more individual parts on the 1/100 however the one thing that didnt sit well with me was the active cloak. Although I am glad it was made of several pieces, the connecter parts between each wing segment isn't as heavy duty as i was hoping (then again, it's only 1/100 HG, what can one expect). Still relatively happy about the kit itself, and I am glad that it has been finally assembled and it will definitely make a welcome addition to my collection.

Obviously with the Deathsycthe Hell Custom done, I've now started work on the Geara Zulu from the MS Gundam Unicorn range (which is a HG 1/144 scale kit) and will probably rotate that with the Gundam Nadleeh (HG 1/144 from Gundam 00). The Geara Zulu was an interesting one, when i was first shown the kit, it was the last kit in stock (from that day! talk about quick turn over) and I felt 50/50 about the kit. In the end, after it was skipped over by another customer, I grabbed the kit and so far, it hasn't been too bad. Still working on the main upper body, the amount of runners and color differentiation is an interesting change and now that I have versed myself with the first episode of Unicorn, I find my liking for the kit growing (not to mention, it will be the first Zaku-like kit I have ever put together!)

As for Nadleeh, haven't started on the kit just yet (decided to do Nadleeh in front of Virtue, as Virtue looked quite complex for 1/144). Should be interesting, although I hope Nadleeh isn't too 'weird' compared to Seraphim in Season 2. So hopefully later today Nadleeh will start getting it's torso put together and if I am feeling in the mood, I may slowly start on Virtue (1/144 HB from Gundam 00) and possibly even the SD BB Unicorn (MS Gundam Unicorn).

And yes, eventually I may take a picture or two of the done up Deathsycthe (and perhaps with it's small version too!)


Sunday, May 30, 2010


*blows off all the dust that has accumulated in the past ONE YEAR !!!!*

After having browsed Arjan's blog the other day and noticed that he is still happily tinkering away, I figured I should pop back into mine. Naturally when I did, I had a nice rude shock when I noticed the LAST post that was done here was back in April 2009 (which is scary as it's almost June 2010). Alas, I feel justified in having that Phases statement in my blog info, heh.

Can't say a lot has happened in one year, as nothing really much has. I haven't painted a single model in ages, so it makes me wonder if I still remember even HOW to paint! Still picking up the odd GW item, a few PP items and also managed to acquire some Malifaux along the way too.

However, before I get rotten tomatoes hurled at me for in-activity, I havent been idle the whole time!

Last few months I have been able to re-new my 'passion' in the whole Gunpla area as we have one really nice stockist here and the owner really knows how to treat her customer's well. I've managed to put a few kits together, with a whole heap of kits ranging from SD to MG waiting to be assembled. I will admit, Gunpla isn't so bad in that I dont feel bad when the final product hasn't been painted. Sure, some kits would look a lot better, but I find that the whole assembly process is quite relaxing and gratifying. So in the next few days (maybe), I might update the blog's theme to include things like Malifaux and Gunpla since that is becoming my new direction of sorts.

Plus in theory, the blog will become more active again since I'm usually doing some form of Gunpla work every few days (versus painting a black undercoat every 6 months...)

So stay tuned! There just might be a nice re-vamp yet!!


Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bolter and Chainsword Call Projects

So apparently, I've gone and done the following:

"Gods of Chaos hear my call!

I The Angelus Sanctus hereby pledge my soul, my allegiance and that of my troops', to Chaos Eternal.

I promise you that I will paint (to completion) 2 Items of Word Bearers (1x Min Sized Terminators. 1x Min Sized CSM Squad) - within the space of 3 months.
I also promise to provide my fellow Chaos Chaos players with an update, at least twice per month.

The Angelus Sanctus


"Immortal Emperor of Man-Kind, Hear my Call!

I The Angelus Sanctus hearby pledge my body and soul, my faith and that of my troops', to you, Emperor of Man.

I promise to you, that I will paint (to completion) 3 Items of Blood Ravens/Raven Guard/Iron Hands (1 minimum sized Tactical Squad for each Chapter) - within the space of 3 months.
I also promise to provide my fellow brothers and sisters in arms with a project update, at least twice a month.

The Angelus Sanctus

So what does this mean? Some interesting times ahead for the next three months. So essentially i'll be working on 5 Blood Ravens; 5 Raven Guard; 5 Iron Hands and 8 Word Bearers (5 CSM and 3 Terminators). Odd collection if you ask me, plus, it's also weird how it's all just black and red... General theory suggests that I should be able to do this, since for 10 of the models, once the undercoat is on, that's half the work done already!

Next monday (April 13th) the Calls formally start, so this should be good!

Other news: Field Test of Warmachine MK II has come out and suffice to say I'm still mixed emotions about it, although not as 'doom and gloom' as i swear some folks have been on the PP forums. Granted, things were changed, but some of the way people are presenting their doom and gloom doesn't feel like it's in the best way. Sure, there are plenty of Cryx things that happened that I don't agree with (Poor, poor Cankerworm for a start!), but they don't seem too bad, and usually i end up reading/hearing something about a point in another way that makes me think, hey, that's an interesting way of seeing it.

In any case, next week, hopefully should see some nice updates and HOPEFULLY I'll remember about adding in height and width bits into photobucket links here so they can all fix nicely.


Sunday, March 15, 2009

1-1-1-1 Primal Composition

Nay, i haven't stopped painting, but the updates have declined slightly, but i AM still painting! The Shredder from the previous post is done (Ie, his basing is done, minus the flocking). More work has been done on the IH and two WB guys as well, so progress is moving along. I also started cleaning up Thagrosh due to the 1-1-1-1 Army Composition concept.

Side note, I got my Limited Edition SEH!!! (Soulless Elven Hooker) aka Eiryss (yeah SEH is a common name for her) from PP and i picked up Epic Thagrosh (Which has somewhat caused the need to paint up every Thaggy model i own).

Anyway, i thought i would do the 1-1-1-1 comp for some of my armies, and since I'm on an everblight rush, i thought i'd do that. So the 1-1-1-1 is basically a single choice of each model type (Warlock, Warbeast, Unit, Solo). For Everblight, for me, I have chosen Thagrosh as my 'lock (also, I'm ONLY using Primal at this point in time, so no fancy Evolution of Metamorphisis models just yet). For my Warbeast I'm gonig the Carnivean, since it's the only heavy warbeast the Legion have, and since it's a restrained army, i figured i'd better take the best. Unit wise i'm probably thinking of Warmongers since they are going to be pretty durable, but this MAY change. Only reason why i've gone them thus far is because i have the actual models. The solo choice will have to be a Forsaken (only solo we have in Primal) however i don't have the model yet!

Still haven't had a chance to sit down and calculate points, as i'd still like it to be roughly around 350, so that may mean i'll have to take 3 Warmongers only instead of a full squad of 5.

Now i expect this lil plan of mine will probably take the next 10 thousand years to do, but eh, we'll see. I will be making an attempt to paint both Thags and eThags at the same time, so yeah, there will be something interesting. I also want to get rid of my Angelius before i start up on the Carnivean, so yeah, this may take a while, on top of painting everything else that strikes my fancy (at least i'm never bored!)

So that's basically the plan atm, figured i'd get this out in the air now before people thought i was slacking off again....


Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The Cleaning goes to plan!

I'm going to try to randomly change the pic layout on this and use proper Photobucket linkage, so bare with me.

Quick summary wise, the painting desk clean up is going well. Been hitting up both GW and PP models, to the point i'm just going to let the pictures do the talking.

Only thing that erks me about the Shredder is some of the un-smoothness of the highlighting. However, given that it was my first Legion model, it's ok that the highlighting wasn't perfect. However, with the advent of the most excellent Foundation washes, that issue may soon be rectified!

Anyway, let us try the pics!!