Monday, December 18, 2006

Gee.. Another Update? EGADS!

And here is yet ANOTHER update (wow I'm going faster than a speeding bullet now!!).

I Have stuff for both WM and 40K so I guess let us get the show on the road!

So first up 40K and I finally did the feet for the SoB and based them. They look pretty snazzy, although my camera-fu has some what dropped a few notches over time (I really need to get a dedicated spot for taking pictures). I am fairly happy with them thus far (the bases really help as well). Sure the paint work could still use some help, but hey, glad i painted them now versus several years ago (where they would probably look REALLY crap). Next phase is the backpacks (and one last sister who is pretty much floating around getting slowly painted). However with that being said, it is nice to have a lil bit of painting space back on the table (doesn't look as cluttered and lets me have a quick sigh of relief). I'll try to aim to have their backpacks done by the end of the year, but we'll see how things go. Next 40K "project" I guess will be to resume work on these AotL terminators (who sadly have been collecting some dust). I still have ALOT of work to do on them, although if i can get their bases done up, that will be one less hassle.

Lastly WM. Did some extra chrome tests, namely experimenting with putting an additional color on the existing one. Honestly? It turned out ok (although green sucks alot, except when put on blue). At the top we have Green Ink applied over the Blue (from yesterday) from the mid section to the tail (since I wanted to keep some of the blue showing). Although the pic doesnt do it justice, it actually looks like a very chrome based sea-green (a blue-green shade) which looks really nice. A potential color for Pirate based fleets for sure (I can forsee painting a Leviathan in this scheme thats for sure). The last two are a tad bit hard to tell apart but this was the scheme i was looking for! Middle one is Purple ink over the blue (once again the pic doesnt do it justice) and it has a very nice chameleon look to it (if you have seen 'wet' midnight-blue that is quite close to what it looks like). Only downside about doing the purple over the blue is that the color ends up a tad bit darker (versus Blue ink over purple). However it isnt a bit hassle (and will probably help add some diversity to the color in terms of shades). Last pic is just Blue ink over purple (which actually looks lighter than Purple over blue). Still very nice and still does what I want. And for you 2nd edition 'Nid lovers, yes it does look kinda Genestealer like.

In the end that is exactly the scheme I was looking for (and it wasnt very difficult to achieve either). Might try and do some secondary color testing on those models before i proceed to the actual minis, but so far I am liking their primary color scheme. It has that nice I'm evil look, without having to be traditional black. Heck in certain light angles, it does look a tad black (and sometimes a tad bit blue and even purple, heh).

I also picked up some Water Effects stuff up from ebay (hurray). It's also kinda weird when the seller knows you by first name basis (suffice to say I get a fair bit of stuff from him). So that will mean my Cryx bases are pretty much sussed out now.

As for the Flesh Chrome, I would still like to keep that but I have no idea where i'll use it. I may end up using it on more of the squad based units (thralls and the like) since i do rather fancy that scheme too, but ultimately, it was the blue/purple chrome look i wanted to achieve.

That pretty much sums everything up for this update. I'll try to update again in the next few days with more goodies.


Sunday, December 17, 2006


Well the first update was to update to the Blogger Beta that uses the whole gmail thing now, which is pretty handy. Nothing too overly different but hey, it's a nice change.

The main update is pretty much on the Warmachine aspect (since I didn't really touch the Sisters last night, although they arent too far from being done (excluding their backpacks)). I slapped on the second inking (the main color) and they didn't turn out half bad (felt like i was pimpin' my 'nids). Although I do want to do a few more color trials, the Flesh Chrome (for me) is turning out to be the best, but the other colors aren't too bad. If the Third stage testing with the blue and purple work well, I might even go with them.

Anyway.. I bet ye folk wanna see pics!

First pic is of the 4 colors side by side to give you an idea of what they look like individually. The flesh one was done AGES ago back when I was doing my 'Nid color tests, where as the blue, green and purple were done last night.

The last pic is mainly showing off them off.

Hopefully I'll get the third paint stage done tonight and try to get the Sisters feet done so i can glue them down to their bases.


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Minor SoB Update

Yeah, I'd say start worrying now, after all, TWO updates within two days, surely that can only mean madness??

Anyway, as the title suggests, this is pretty much an SoB "rant". Their bases are done (well, the random bolter shells on the ground, could use a quick wash, but that's about it really). The Sisters have had their lil "slits" cut off, so tomorrow (assuming I have the time to as I need to be in bed horribly early) I just need to touch up their feet and then glue them onto the base and voila 95% of a small group of SoB done. That way i can put them aside into the case and work on their backpacks etc etc. Other than that, I keep forgetting to do the metal coat onto the test minis I am using for my Cryx (it is REALLY starting to bug me now). Although as I said before I do need an early night tomorrow, so some of this stuff might not be done til around thursday night when I have more time.

That is pretty much it!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Minor Update

Heh, here is a lil update since well, I rarely update this thing, well, definitely no where as much as I used to.

So I guess it would be best to break everything down into their own dedicated sections.


Well, I picked up the now OOP Eldar Battleforce and Vol 4 HH artbook from my LGS. I'll definitely need to pick up the new Eldar BF at some stage, but that can wait as I definitely ain't starting up my eldar anytime soon (but I always say that about alot of things, and it's not like I have actually finished anything, let alone to a 400 pt sizing). Cleaned up a single Guardian the other night, for future paint testing later (not to mention I finally got the Interactive Eldar painter on my H/D). Craftworld thoughts? I'm still thinking about Ulthwe (and I don't have a main black army yet) which wouldn't be too bad as I've always wanted Ulthwe since they had their Strike Force rules from the EoT codex (even if they are void now). Other than that, I'll probably play around with the painter, look at the craftworlds now from both the GW site and eldar codex to see if anything strikes my fancy (Altansar is getting pretty close though).

I randomly did some painting tonight and realised, damn, I need to re-teach myself how to paint. So I did some random bits on my SoB (mainly the bases) and did some stuff to the bases for my AotL Terminators and thought, dang, I REALLY need to get some stuff done. So tomorrow I hope to get more stuff done on the SoB bases since there isn't alot left to do and then try to get these Sisters ready to dunk on their bases so that will be one less hassle. Then we'll see how things go, assuming I can still paint...


Got some Bane Knights (Cryx) and eFeora (Menoth) off ebay for a sweet price and to top it all off, the LGS that I get it from has a copy of No Quarter #9 in stock so I got that for only $7 more (which is almost half price). So I am quite happy with that for sure. tonight I COULD have splattered some metal onto the useless gaunts I am using for my Cryx testing, but I plum well forgot. So I'll do that tomorrow. From there it should be fairly straight forward, as I'll just need to do washes with inks galore and see if I can get some nice chrome colors. Then from there it will be off to actually PAINTING a model (probably start with a bonejack) and maybe TRY to paint Denny (it is not as easy as it looks). If i can give her "robe" a nice chrome glimmer I'll be happy although I'm still debating how todo the rest of her... Maybe I'll just do a weird S&M theme with my Cryx. Menoth stuff can wait for ages since I want a more infantry based army. Everblight and Circle are on hold as well, although I think I did clean up Lylyth ages ago, so who knows (but I do want to do some conversion work on her). Also wanna get some of the water effects stuff off ebay later this week as well since I want that for my Cryx.

So that aside that is where i stand on both game systems (not very far at all). The Blog is hitting its 2 year Birthday soon and boy, this year has been really quiet, so i IDEALLY should use this 2nd Birthday gig as a means to really bump things back up again (especially since Day Light Savings came into effect, it is dead quiet at night now). So we'll see how things go tomorrow. Hopefully I can get the Sisters off their slit/slut/slot thing and get them ready to be dunked onto their base.