Saturday, March 22, 2008

Picture Update

And here be the first PICTURE update for 2008!

'Random' pic of Denny, just showing that she does have a wee bit more paint on her since the last time she appeared here. I'm sure i could apply more metal to her if i really wanted to since she is going to have her metal areas in that nice purple/blue metal ink look.

Rest of the pics are of Asphyxious (minus arms). For those too familiar with the stock model, you will notice that his head has had a repose (with the help of some GS). I also added some GS smoke since i didn't want him to look exactly like the stock model. His arms will be done in a different repose as well, but obviously haven't been included. HOPEFULLY come the end of the weekend, or at least come early next week, he shall have some black paint on him (also need to texture his base too while i am at it).


Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A 2008 Post? NO WAY!!!

So i was browsing through the blog and going, wow, i HAVEN'T done an actual entry for 2008? So HERE IT IS! I would say, whoa, this place isn't as dead as it looks, but knowing me? The next update won't be until like August 2008! However, I've done a lil work here and there (in fact I have some time off very soon, so I might be able to play catch up and load up some stuff). I'm not even going to bother with a new years resolution concept, since last year's flopped so badly it isn't even funny. If ANYTHING, I'm just going to say, of the few MILLION things I want to do, i just want ONE, yes ONE mini from each army/faction/whatever done come the end of the year. Now some folks would say, JUST ONE?!!?? YOU GOTTA BE JOKING ME!! But I say, given my track-record, one model per army isn't exactly as easy as sliced bread.

With that being said, I have been working on a repose for Iron Lich Asphyxious (WM - Cryx) and oddly enough all that is left to do is some minor GS work and get his base organised. I'd do some now, however my time tonight got thrown out the window due to napping and a 40 minute phone call with my folks. However, hopefully tomorrow, I can at least get the base and GS stuff done (I hope), although i might try and smear on the black textured paint tonight, if only for the fact I want it to be dry tomorrow so i can do more of the basing. Then again, i might wait, since i'm sure the cork tiles i'm using for the base (which is great to use, wish i bought even more of the stuff to be honest) has been really used to use for that rock type of look. Hopefully come thursday, I can get him to a stage where i will be ready to slap some paint on, and unlike Deneghra should be easier to paint. Well at least I am hoping he'll be easier to paint...

However we shall see how things go, but yes, plans are being made to try and minimize some of the plastic/pewter collection i have by like 1%