Friday, August 25, 2006

Further Deneghra Update

Deneghra is pretty much 'done' conversion wise. All she really needs is a nice looking base to go with her, but everything else turned out well.

Did some minor work on tweaking her head (repositioning it) without needing to cut the whole head off the model and i might do some minor tweaks to her arm. The barbs came out well, although there is one barb that looks just a tad bit messy (chain looks like its linking over itself). That aside i am happy with it and im sure painting the model will be a very interesting task.

So for all those folk that want to make some in movement chain, all you need is chain, glue, patience and a heater :P

Here are the pics:


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Warmachine Update

It was only a matter of time before WM could get its own 'pure' update (although i will tack on some 40K news at the end).

Finally did some work on Deneghra's backpack, since i wanted some life in her Witch Barbs (helps work with the rules and looks plain ole kick ass). Ive finished converting the barbs, so the next stage will be to fix them all into position (i take it that will NOT be an easy step). My only 'regret' is not having done the last two barbs, although if i pick up the Epic Deneghra model, ill be sure to do all the barbs.

Anyway here is the pic:

In some minor 40K news, SoB bases have been finished and undercoated and im slowly undercoating their backpacks as well. Maybe another week or so before thats all done (give or take, id say give). Im slowly trying to clear up what stuff i have on my desk now, which is mainly Sisters of Battle, Lion Guard Terminators and Space Wolves. Should any of those get finished, ill be sure to post some pics.


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Update time again!

Here goes another update, mainly because i can and since I did an update on the B&C (with pics).

So 'ere we go again:

Picked up Everblight on friday night, and thats been washed (letting it dry now) so that will mean all my WM stuff that i own has been cleaned and ready for well painting and modelling. Also picked up the remaining 4 metal paints from the VGC range that i didnt have so that should work well with my Cryx stuff. My WM spending will probably settle down now, if i can get a hold of the Cryx Starter pack ill get that, but thats the only big thing that i want (that's some what essential). Other stuff we'll see how things go since i still got alot of reading to do.

Lets see.... Did some more painting and ive pretty much finished the 5 Sisters i started on (minus backpack and bases). Im pretty happy with them (could be better) but they are a step ahead the original test mini. Still getting used to painting Sisters, but im fairly happy with how they turned out.

I believe i mentioned it before but i started a random Chaos mini test fig and finished it tonight (although it is a tad bit messy). But since its a test mini, im not too worried about it as i just wanted to see how the color worked out, which i feel worked out quite well. Also did some freehand work on the model, the Legion icon being the best bit, atlhough one part didnt look too good cos 1. too much paint on the brush at the time and 2. gets masked out by the battle damage.

So what was this Chaos Legion? (clearly it wasnt the EC). Well, since you are all dying to know it was Word Bearers (mainly cos i wanted something red and the fact i dont have a non cult based Chaos army).

However ill let the pics speak for themselves (and i know, it is a bit of a messy job, but its only a test mini). I also decided on a black trim versus metal, but come the army i might mix n match the two for some diversity.

Thats it for today, ill try and post again by the middle of next week.


PS Having to use Photobucket since blogger doesnt want to upload pics today. It will also most likely fudge up the layout too but oh well....

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Since Arjan won't be silent on the matter....

Yes, you guessed right, its update time!! And if you didnt bother guessing then that isnt a hassle either.

So what has been happening as of late? Guess we should go through step by step then:

- Ive been continuing the paint work on the Sisters and so far it isnt too bad. Not happy with their Ecclisiarchy symbol that hangs on their robes (pic makes the paint look excessively thick which i know it isnt). However the pic is a tad bit old now, so once i do the last highlight step hopefully they will look a tad bit better. Still need to work on their backpacks (havent even touched them paint wise) and the 5 Sisters themselves arent too far off from being completed. Can they be done by the end of the week? Who knows, although alot of the remaining work is highlighting so it isnt too bad. I should also try and finish up their bases since i did start 'carving' into one.

Here is the pic:

Other than that, been doing bits and pieces here and there. Did a lil bit of work on a Grey Hunter, did a lil bit on a Thousand Son and started up a color test for something else. The color test is going well thus far, and i could probably have that done by the end of the week (surprisingly enough).

I should also add, a friend of mine sent me the Culln FW mini as well as a '06 Catalogue and yeah, i can see myself (one day) picking up some more FW stuff. What im going to do with the Culln mini i have no idea, probably make it into an AotL mini of some sort, but given how much detail is on the mini itself, i have no idea how much additional work ill do to it (as i dont want to kill have the detail on the mini).

- Been going on some major ass Ebay hauls (got a box of Mercenaries, which have been washed and everything). I have another Warpack incoming (should get that by the end of the week i hope), the Escalation Rulebook (at half price, incl the P&H cost compared to the retail price), the first Issue of No Quarter and yet another Haley mini. Also have a Cryx order from the person i got the Mercenaries from since the price was good and he didnt kill me with the P&H charge (which im sure most other ebay sellers would have at least doubled the cost). Since i have a fair few extra stuff from the BfM box, im using some of the Termagants as test models for my Cryx color scheme. Fortunately enough i have a semi good idea of what i want (the last time i did color tests for my 'Nid army paid off) as the brown-chrome look really good me interested so i hope to play around with that.

So overall im quite happy, got plenty of stuff to do and i seem to be still doing stuff which is good (and trying to take the occasional pic here n there). Hopefully if the weather is good tomorrow i can spray coat the 3 gants i have set aside. Also plan to pick up my Everblight warpack this week as well, not sure if ill wait til friday night to do it or do it before then.

Thats about it, and yeah ill try to update more :P


Monday, August 07, 2006

Mini Update Time

Just a quick brief update, since i havent done one in a lil while.

40K wise, things are going a tad bit slow (havent had too much time available to paint) mainly cos of work and funky sleep patterns. In any case, hopefully if the weather is good in the next few days, i'll get a quick moment to give the termie bases a quick black spray since i dont feel like undercoating them by hand. Sure, ill probably need to do some touch ups afterwards, but as long as majority of the base is done i'll be happy. Also gonna try and do some more work on the Sisters as well since i did end up finishing the silver metal aspect of things, so i just need to add some highlights to the bolter casing and give the whole weapon a quick black wash to dull down the tones before i do some additional highlights. Then i can start on the gold metal aspects which shouldnt be as bad (thank goodness). Should also give me some time to do some more work on the Termie bases as well.

Warmachine wise, exluding my mass haul of reading material (Hordes Rulebook, and 6 issues of their Magazine, which i must admit is alot better than White Dwarf) i cleaned up the two Satyxis raider models i have, so once i figure out how im going to base them ill start painting them up slowly. I also cleaned up the other two models i got, since one of them will be my main Warcaster for my Cryx army. Still need to clean up the model and decide if i want to do any minor conversions to the model. Heh, i still need to decide what the actual color scheme will be, since i do want to go for something dark and brooding, but im not sure if i want to stick to some of the contemporary color schemes.

That aside, thats about it for me. Ive also been cleaning up some of my boxes and using the new bits box i got to put stuff away so im happy with that. I'll probably get another one later on and ponder transfering some of my other stuff into these new boxes.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


Yeah, that's right, some of you may have noticed a few minor changes around here... So perhaps an explanation for you then?

Although im still a hardcore 40Ker, i have been recently introducted (properly) into the Warmachine game system via Ski of B&C fame. Last friday i went off and purchased the first rulebook (Prime) and a lil blister packet (Satyxis Raiders). Im getting really interested in the system and its a nice welcome change from 40K (although dont worry, im still a 90% 40Ker first). However, at random times you will now hear musings of WM and its related systems and probably see pics of mins etc. Although the likliehood of me playing an actual game of WM is slim (due to the small crew based here in Perth), i of course will still endeavor to do what i can. Later this week im hoping to pick up yet another rulebook, most likely from the Hordes system, since im doing more of a research phase into the PP and its stuff rather than splurging left, right and centre on models (best to get a full understanding of the rules and the units before i confirm my army choices). However, standard WM wise im looking at Cryx, although the other forces do have some gorgeous looking minis.

However, any WM related stuff will also pop up here, so keep an eye on everything and my further increasing gaming addiction.

In more 40K based news, the Lion Guard termies are hopefully getting the bases SPRAYED today since its a bit too much effort to actively hand paint them. The Sisters are also coming along nicely with the metal work started last night, but my goodness, there is a fair bit of metal to touch on (mainly the bolter areas). I'll either take a new pic of them within the next few days or just post up the last pic that was taken since the blog is a tad bit behind.

Otherwise painting wise everything is going good :)

Check back in for further updates as they come.