Sunday, November 18, 2007

As Promised... PICTURES!!

Short and sweet:

Here is the Aspiring Sorcerer:

And here is the Nightwretch:

I probably won't have alot of time this week to do more work, but i'll see if i can do something for next weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Ink!!

Two days of activity... In a row... SORCERY YOU SAY?!?!? Not quite, but close to. After gaining an hour or two back in my evening i managed to lay on the first purple ink layer onto my 'wretch and i must say, it looks so pretty. Thus far i am definitely liking how it is turning out and cant wait to apply the blue coat. Of course after that i have no idea how things are going to turn out, but oh well!

However tonight was mainly an inking night, so i did some minor inking on my Aspiring Sorcerer so i can finish up these silly gold parts and move onto the next stuff. Although now that i think about it i wished i had done some of the silver areas already since i'll be doing some of those later on when i do the gold highlights (to this day my best metal work i swear has been on my AotL terminators). Hopefully i'll get pictures up this weekend!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Egads! Too much Paint!!

Yet again i have done some more painting! Managed to get a bit more work on my Aspiring Sorcerer (that was my entry for the Chaos competition on the B&C some time ago). It's slow work but it is getting there. Although i really hate working with metals sometimes, at least on the gold spectrum.

On the PP side of things, i've done the metal base coat one my 'wretch and it came out quite nice (hell it almost looks like it's back to being plain pewter). The next stage will be the fun part! MASS INKING! Hopefully i can get that done by the weekend, if not ON the weekend since i am trying to just take out half an hour here and there when i can (although the next few days will be bleh for time since i'm going O/T at work and have some evening meetings to attend).

If i get some decent work done this weekend i'll take some happy snaps.