Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quick pic post!

Image quality isn't too crash hot, however here is a progress shot (prior to their undercoating) of my Word Bearer and Iron Hands marines as they slowly progress down the building ladder. The GS work was done last night, however the pics haven't come out too clearly, so the GS work on the IH is actually quite blurry, as the painting progresses i'll make sure i take another picture of just the body so i can at least draw attention to the leg bionics.

Otherwise, we'll see how the next few days go!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Minor Update

Just a small update today (since it's been a few days since i last did an update).

Haven't done too much painting as of late, instead i've been sitting at the OTHER desk doing some more mold line removal and wacky adventures like that. Thus, because of a charming individual on the B&C i have a test Iron Hands mini (yeah i know, yet another army to add to my MILLIONS of existing armies). So far the test mini doesn't look too bad, all that is left is some GS work here and there to bulk up some of the bionic areas, plus at the same time i'll do some parchment work on the other Word Bearer so they can both hit the painitng line. Although i might try and see if i can paint some more odds and ends on my table if only to get some space back! Heck if i have to go through those 5 terminators from the last competition on the B&C one by one, i'll probably give it a whack like that!

Also managed to creep back onto WoW, although with the WotLK release, getting onto the main servers i have characters on is well, a pain, however this has allowed me a good opportunity to re-create some of my past characters on other servers (this will work well when i want to create some more Death Knights too!)

I'll try and get some pics up by the end of this weekend! Well, of the minis anyway!!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

When will the madness end!!??!?!?!

And I bet that is what most of you are thinking eh? You are probably sitting thinking, wow, he's actually doing some work, but at the same time, when will it all stop and he goes quiet for 6 months? Heh... I personally don't know, and i suspect my drop in WoW time is probably allowing me to paint more, but yeah we'll see how things go (but i do feel good about painting again).

Picture update!

Thought I'd take some happy snaps of the current Word Bearer guys as they are coming along, since I haven't really shown those off, especially the wrist mounted bolter guy.

Other pics are of my Everblight stuff, since i only just realised i haven't taken a pic of the Angelius since it had paint slopped onto it, and i thought I'd take another progress pic of the Shredder as i'm just touching up some of the fleshy pinky bits before i start working on the natural armor.

However, so far, so good!


Sunday, November 09, 2008

Shoulder Pad - Mk 2

As the title suggests, here is a picture of the Mk 2 version of the WB test pad. Definitely a lot better than the Mk 1 version, but i'll still need more practice to make a more decent looking motiff.

However, here, is the pic!

Updates soon-ish!!


Saturday, November 08, 2008

Picture Update!

Just a few snaps of what's going on in addition to my general commentary about them.

- The blue shading does not look THAT strong. I suspect the flash has intensified the darker color over the lighter one, but with the normal eye, it is more subdued.
- That's about my only quirk with the picture...

Word Bearer:
- The legion symbol and the flame motiff in this case was an epic fail and my work from '06 looked alot better. Given how poor it looks i probably will repaint the shoulder and then PRACTICE doing both motiffs before applying it again to a model.
- The loin cloth work is so-so. Looks ok, but i'm still not convinced with it, although since it's only black right now, that may not be helping either. Still not sure how folks manage to work with GS for tabbards and the like, but boy, would i love to know how.
- You'll have to wait for the next picture update to see the wrist mounted Bolter....


Thursday, November 06, 2008

Bearing more Plastic than Paint....

My hopes to recreate the flame motiff that i did on my test mini back in '06 hasn't exactly come through very well... To make matters worse, the WB icon also looks pretty bad too. What was the lesson learned? Practice BEFORE you do it on a mini. Test mini or not, it would be nice that it doesn't look THAT out of place... However, lesson learned i guess.

On the upside, the modelling aspect seems to be doing alot better. Got the weapons done for WB #2 with a nice wrist mounted bolter (gasp you say!!) while he holds a bolt pistol and chainsword (hey, at least i can safely say i am WYSIWYG'ing). So trying to settle on the armor shade at this point in time, not totally satisfied just yet... However, i'm going to try and get a body to go with those arms and maybe have a ponder of what to do for the next marine! Grief... I hate the new rules sometimes..


Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Minor Update

Further work on the Everblight paint technique continues and i THINK i am getting somewhere. Although I have only tested it in the realm of the Citadel Washes and not the inks, i am getting some of the shadding effect i have wanted in addition to the slight tinting on the flesh itself. Process is far from perfect, but it is showing results. The next Shredder i do, i may want to try and do it with the inks instead... I'd ponder it on the Angelius, but given the model and what not, i figured best to test small scale before trying to do it large scale.

My Word Bearer test mini is going ok as well. Main body trunk is undercoated and i have been nit picking at the left arm section with various reds and what have ye nots. I'm thinking i may avoid the final light red because it's a bit brighter than i want it to be (I would rather prefer a rich dark red) for my Bearers. However, i do want to give Skorne Red a try from the P3 range and see what type of red that generates. But so far, so good. I'll try to get some pics tomorrow, but we'll see how things go.


Sunday, November 02, 2008

Bearers of the Word...

Well after some subtle mental manipulation and suggestions I've officially made a proper Word Bearers test mini. All the plastic has been cleaned up, I've done some GS work to give it a bit more character (so that's currently drying). Tomorrow i hope to try and get some of the base work done on the left arm becaue i want to try and see if i can reproduce the WB motiff that i tried back in 2006 when i did my first WB test mini (which was more of a test than what i've made now). Thus far have one core marine done and all the parts out for my Dark Apostle. Mind you I still need to clean up all the bits for that, which should take a while...

However, fear not, the Angelius and Shredder have not been forgotten, but since I wasn't going to make the competition deadline, I did sideline them, however I will try to get some more paint work done on the Shredder since I want to have a better idea on the paint scheme and technique before I even try slapping more paint onto the Angelius.