Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Not dead yet!

Thought I would do a very quick post mentioning that i am NOT dead (again) but very pressed for time these days, since I am working O/T at work and have been now for the past 5 odd weeks. Naturally as a result, my time to paint and what have ye not has been severely decreased. However with the Xmas/New Years break coming up soon i should hopefully get some time back (that and what time i can get on weekends). Next 'major' update i do ill make sure i include some pictures.


Sunday, November 18, 2007

As Promised... PICTURES!!

Short and sweet:

Here is the Aspiring Sorcerer:

And here is the Nightwretch:

I probably won't have alot of time this week to do more work, but i'll see if i can do something for next weekend!


Thursday, November 15, 2007

New Ink!!

Two days of activity... In a row... SORCERY YOU SAY?!?!? Not quite, but close to. After gaining an hour or two back in my evening i managed to lay on the first purple ink layer onto my 'wretch and i must say, it looks so pretty. Thus far i am definitely liking how it is turning out and cant wait to apply the blue coat. Of course after that i have no idea how things are going to turn out, but oh well!

However tonight was mainly an inking night, so i did some minor inking on my Aspiring Sorcerer so i can finish up these silly gold parts and move onto the next stuff. Although now that i think about it i wished i had done some of the silver areas already since i'll be doing some of those later on when i do the gold highlights (to this day my best metal work i swear has been on my AotL terminators). Hopefully i'll get pictures up this weekend!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Egads! Too much Paint!!

Yet again i have done some more painting! Managed to get a bit more work on my Aspiring Sorcerer (that was my entry for the Chaos competition on the B&C some time ago). It's slow work but it is getting there. Although i really hate working with metals sometimes, at least on the gold spectrum.

On the PP side of things, i've done the metal base coat one my 'wretch and it came out quite nice (hell it almost looks like it's back to being plain pewter). The next stage will be the fun part! MASS INKING! Hopefully i can get that done by the weekend, if not ON the weekend since i am trying to just take out half an hour here and there when i can (although the next few days will be bleh for time since i'm going O/T at work and have some evening meetings to attend).

If i get some decent work done this weekend i'll take some happy snaps.


Monday, August 27, 2007

I'm... Alive??

Well, I actually decided to LOOK at this once again!

Short and sweet: I am painting again... Albiet very, very slowly.....


Saturday, March 17, 2007

Haul Update

Once again, I thought I would post what happened at the LGS (although I am still working on my AotL, so fear not, work is occuring).

Anyway, picked up some more of my gear like the DA Command Squad, MotRW model as well as another box of DA Vets. Also managed to pick up Flight of the Eisenstein (dang, now i just need to get a copy of Galaxy in Flames) as well as No Quarter #11 (to fulfill my WM needs) as well as the Rulebook for Confrontation (gah, i know, miniatures are like crack to me, i just need more!!). Been very happy with the DA stuff as of late (and as i said in the LGS, the models have been the only saving grace for the DA, as the codex is still really weird). Been looking through the codex trying to get an army list set up and I'm like, gah, it feels so butchered! Then again, if i really sat down with pen and paper and write up a list, i should be ok. Debating if I want to get another DA Command Box (the parts will help if i ever do a RW or DW command squad, since i can use the bits and pieces from that). I know ill get one in the Battleforce so it isnt too bad. I still have each battleforce on hold, and i even put Tactica Imperialis and some MtG stuff on "hold" as well (I think the store knows me well enough to know that i WILL come and collect and didn't even 'force' me into a lay-by scenario and just said, yeah, we'll put it all out back and you can collect when you are able to, which me being me, won't be too long at all).

The NQ issue was good as always (especially compared to that crap that is called White Dwarf). The preview for Evolution was great and it was nice to see some of the stuff for one of the new warlocks for each faction and a preview for a new unit for each faction as well. Suffice to say i like being Everblight thats for sure.

So as for the rest of tonight, I guess ill spend it playing around with more sprues, might even try to get some of these other sprues cleaned up and what have you not so i can start sorting through them and putting them away and working on them. Plus it would be nice to get this Army box that is next to me, well not so next to me. Might also take a picture of the last AotL i tried to robe up as there was actually a bit of a pause between the last picture and what he looks like now.

That aside, that is pretty much it, I'm sure i'll do some rants about 40K/WM/Confrontation in the next few days for sure.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Very small and minor Update

Just a very small and minor update (since work has been taking alot of my time etc etc).

I have been slowly and progressively cleaning up some Marine models to use as AotL (I hate de-mold lining minis, but good lord) and so far have 5 to work with. I will probably GS robe them and maybe use some components from the Chaos marines (mainly arms) to give them a more 'darker' look (since Chaos arms are quite nice with their lil fancy trim arms). Still debating how I am going to go about squads now though, since the robe look is the new 'in-thing' I'm debating if i want to robe up everyone, or keep some folk in regular non-robe PA and just try to flesh them out to make them more in theme with the whole squad. Or i just might go robe crazy, whichever one happens first, although i might take a queue from the Black Templars and do a tabbard (I've seen some DA art work with them having a tabbard) just to keep the cloth look in.

I can also happily state I now own the 4th Ed DA codex (it isn't too bad, but it could go either way really). I also have one box of DA Vets and the Army box (which was pretty cool, all they did was stick the relevant box sets in and the new DA/RW frames). The Ltd Company Master model ain't too bad and I'm also happy for the Librarian model i got (was the only one of the three i actually liked).

So next week will be the DA + RW battleforces, the DA Command Squad and the Master of the Ravenwing (on Jetbike). After that, my GW purchases will hit their low until the next army release that I am after (or if i find out that DA stuff is all splash only, in which case, i might spend a bit more to get some extra stuff).

Other than that, fairly happy with everything. Hopefully later this weekend I'll do some more work, although we'll see how things go.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007! Not off to such a good start....

So in light of some of the things that happened last month (Grandfather's passing in early Jan, change to full time day shift at work in Late Jan) things haven't been moving along as well as I had hoped. Plus i'll be very busy the next week so getting anything done just flew out the window and by the time I'm ready to do stuff, it will be the end of Feb (gawd damn short month of the whole freaking year).

However, I am still hoping to get goals done (what goals for this month I have NO idea).

Been pretty good in terms of purchases, last trip to the LGS i scored Prime Remix as well as Hell Diver mini. Although I did put the DA Codex and Army Deal on Pre-Order (first one in the store too, so getting it should be very easy now since I'll be at top priority for it). Plus thanks to my 10% discount, a $373 purchase becomes $336 (rounding up) which essentially means I'll get the codex free (or if you want to be a nazi about it, I get the codex for $1). After that, i'll probably pick up one DA Battleforce and one RW Battleforce (since they will most likely be splash releases). And probably one box of DA Vets and whatever else. Rumor has it the MotRW will also be a limited release (probably because it will be all metal and GW being GW will say, we'll put some in boxes for so long before it moves to online store only cf: SoB Exorcist Tank). After that, my purchases will go to here and there events, whatever cheap stuff I can get off ebay (usually of the WM/Hordes variety) since my GW purchases are quiet minimal (army codex whenever it comes out, WD monthly and anything overly funky that is a splash release).

So for now that is what is happening, and i think I might spend the rest of the night playing with my Capt Haley model (yes I know it was NOT on the list of things to do) and if I can be ass'd to maybe do some basing work on my Wolf Scouts.


Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007! Here we go!!

And here we are, into 2007. Dang, this blog has been around for 2 years now (or getting very close to). Wont be any pics in this folk, so yeah, if you wanted eye candy, go elsewhere :P

In any case, i thought id try and highlight my 40K and WM desires/resolutions for this year (since last year was a tad bit too laid back). Although, I will say i did do some painting on my AotL termies the other night, so all is going well. I should REALLY try to sit down and get their bases finalised as that will be one less piece of grief to worry about (once I remember what Vallejo paints I do and dont have).

Aside from being more active in the B&C this year (and after starting the 2007 Resolutions thread, trust me, Ill be active til the end of the year on the B&C without a doubt!), I wanted to list some more of my model based resolutions.

So cutting straight to the big and ugly, here we go!

40K Resolutions for 2007

- To create 750 pts of Sisters of Battle, painted and based by the end of this year. Sure i know it is low, but knowing me, ill need all the time I can get, that and I will be covering multiple armies.
- To get my AotL up to 1000 pts by the end of this year. Yes that won't be easy, sure it probably won't be effective but there ye have it. At least my terminators shall pave the way! Plus with the re-release of the DA codex in the next few months, i think its fair enough to give my first army some attention since they have been pretty much on hold forever.
- Space Wolves up to 750pts. Yes that means finishing my Grey Hunters. Probably my Wolf Scouts, a pack of Blood Claws, a Battle Leader and probably some Long Fangs (hurray to plastic Devastators being released too).
- Tyranids up to 500 pts. Reason why this is so low is because of the time and effort that needs to go into actually making up EACH AND EVERY MODEL! Sure 500 pts will only be about I dont know, maybe 40 odd models, but oh well! As i said, i have armies galore to work on and over two game systems.
- Emperor's Children up to 750 pts. I have been sitting on making the Version 2.0 EC guys for ages, and I really need to get a move on. I still have my design sketches floating around and yeah, shouldnt be too bad. I guess i could start with my Daemonettes since all they need is some rebasing and painting since there isnt much in the way to convert (since they are excellent models as is).
- Thousand Sons up to 500 pts. Definitely a minor army so it isnt a big hassle if they arent big, they are mainly for the 'when I need a break from painting green/black/grey/etc. Plus it won't need alot of models either. I should probably try to finish up the test mini.
- Eldar.... Well.. who knows....
- In THEORY I shouldnt need or want to start up any other armies, despite the fact I want Necrons and Tau, but they can freaking wait!!

So yeah, that about covers 40K. Alot of the point sizes have been set lower than what they could be, and given that i have a whole year left, it shouldnt be too bad. Then again, that is the theory.

Onto Warmachine and Hordes.

Warmachine + Hordes 2007 Resolutions

- 500 pts of Cryx. Heh,if you thought the 40K point sizes were low, these ones will be lower. The good thing about getting the Cryx battlegroup was that i easily have a 350 pt list. However the more i learn the more combos i start to realize. However, regardless, I am sure Deneghra will speartip most of my Cryx lists (until I get Goreshade anyway).
- 350 pts of Legion of Everblight. Ok, that is pretty much the Warpack... Nothing too out there and knowing me, Ill need all the time I can get.
- 350 pts of Circle of Orboros. Once again, another Warpack. Since I dont forsee expanding my Circle stuff in the near future.
- Protectorate of Menoth? Who knows really. Since I wanted a heavy infantry based list, my Menoth stuff has a fair way to go, despite the fact I have the Menoth Battlegroup (which is ok).

That is about it for that system. Not a big lot of stuff to do really (way less models than 40K that is for sure). Plus my Cryx scheme shouldnt be all too hard to do at all.

Now, last year was a REALLY bad year for doing my Monthly goals, so yet again i will TRY to do some. However, ill aim even LOWER than before (which makes one wonder, how in the hell am I going to achieve all the above). However, we shall see how things go.

So in light of that, January goals!!

- Get those AotL terminators attached to their bases by the end of this month. It really isnt THAT difficult at all!!
- Finish off the remaining SoB stuff from last year (6 backpacks and one model).
- Get something other than black onto Deneghra. She is a brilliant conversion, so it isnt fair on her to be forever immortalised in black.
- Finish the lone Hormagaunt test. Really.. It's already half way done. All it needs is a wash and detail pickings and some last minute playin around with with basing.

Other bonus stuff would be to finish the Thousand Sons test, some more Grey Hunters and pretty much try to clear up my entire desk of what is currently on it that needs to be painted. Hopefully I'll also get started into some more Cryx stuff as well.

So that is pretty much what i want for this year. If i can exceed expectations, excellent, if not, good lord, i really need a new hobby.