Saturday, February 10, 2007

2007! Not off to such a good start....

So in light of some of the things that happened last month (Grandfather's passing in early Jan, change to full time day shift at work in Late Jan) things haven't been moving along as well as I had hoped. Plus i'll be very busy the next week so getting anything done just flew out the window and by the time I'm ready to do stuff, it will be the end of Feb (gawd damn short month of the whole freaking year).

However, I am still hoping to get goals done (what goals for this month I have NO idea).

Been pretty good in terms of purchases, last trip to the LGS i scored Prime Remix as well as Hell Diver mini. Although I did put the DA Codex and Army Deal on Pre-Order (first one in the store too, so getting it should be very easy now since I'll be at top priority for it). Plus thanks to my 10% discount, a $373 purchase becomes $336 (rounding up) which essentially means I'll get the codex free (or if you want to be a nazi about it, I get the codex for $1). After that, i'll probably pick up one DA Battleforce and one RW Battleforce (since they will most likely be splash releases). And probably one box of DA Vets and whatever else. Rumor has it the MotRW will also be a limited release (probably because it will be all metal and GW being GW will say, we'll put some in boxes for so long before it moves to online store only cf: SoB Exorcist Tank). After that, my purchases will go to here and there events, whatever cheap stuff I can get off ebay (usually of the WM/Hordes variety) since my GW purchases are quiet minimal (army codex whenever it comes out, WD monthly and anything overly funky that is a splash release).

So for now that is what is happening, and i think I might spend the rest of the night playing with my Capt Haley model (yes I know it was NOT on the list of things to do) and if I can be ass'd to maybe do some basing work on my Wolf Scouts.