Friday, April 28, 2006

Lil Minor Update

Nothing really MAJOR I guess....

Did a lil haul today of:

- Horus Rising (1 chapter down, and EXCELLENT already)
- Bloodquest Graphic 'A5' Novel

That is about it really. Did some random readings of the Rulebook last night and yeah, that was good. Although reading that damn thing in bed HURTS. So I need to get the BfM version which is alot smaller, half the size and yeah. Hmm, if I can get two of them (the rule book not the box set) I can even highlight crap in one *ponders this and pays more attention to ebay perhaps*.

In other happy news, I got the job! I start my first shift on monday so that will be good *nods*. Also going to sort out the Layby at my hobby store, as I saw something I want to get for a friends Birthday (which is in mid-may) and im debating if i want to get it there and then or wait. I guess either way it doesnt matter, I will still pay the same amount for it either way. So yeah all around good news. I'll probably do a bit more 40K work of some sort as the night goes on before bed time (leaning towards the 'Niddies). Any decent stuff will be photographed and put up (if only for Arjan's sake).


Thursday, April 27, 2006

I read faster than I paint....

Yeah, that lil theory threw me off too, but oh well... It also helps that the book I'm reading is good. Finished Faith & Fire the other day, very good book, and I enjoyed it from start to finish (and it only took me a week or so to finish). My hobby store has Horus Rising in stock, so Im planning on picking one up tomorrow and even the lil Graphic Pocket Novel of Bloodquest (since I picked up Daemonifuge). Didn't touch the Immolator Guide at all today, so ill finish it off tomorrow, but at least the model aspect of things are done.

Still waiting to hear back about the job thing, didnt get the call this afternoon, so i should get it tomorrow, probably in the early morning. Im still thinking I did ok, so yeah, should be good. So yeah, book time tomorrow (debating if I want to pick up HH/Xenology/Lone Wolves). Keeping my eye on a few things on ebay, but im seeming to convince myself that buying the box set is better off. Stopped into the actual GW Perth City store and they are all out of the V3 Tau Battleforce, which is annoying as there were some things in that, that i wanted that arent in the V4 version.

That aside, i cleaned up another TS set tonight, so ill probably end up glueing the bolter to the arm and seeing what other random acts of assembly i can do without inhibiting the painting stage too much. Although it has dawned upon me, i can probably attach the shoulder pads to the arms without too many hassles I guess... And yes, i need to do the last assembly stages on that Hormagaunt too (plus im sure it will look alot better with its other legs and some arms).


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Since He Won't Hush..........

This is ALL for you Arjan, since you have been constantly "discussing" with me that i need to put pics up :P

So here we go, pic update time.

The first pic is of my Thousand Son. Ehh, the pic is so-so, as the tabbard does not look THAT plain. However, im thinking i might have to do some work on it, to get some tones into it *shudders at the thought of mixing*. Alternatively ill try other colors for the tabbards as more TS Marines pump out the assembly line. Otherwise it wasnt too hard to pain, its the chest detail that annoys me and the fact it'll all be done in some metallic color (silvers and golds). Would have been easier to paint an EC marine. But yeah, not too difficult at all.

Last pic is of the Hormagaunt with his new head. Looks pretty ok for the first try, and future attempts as i get more used to what im doing i can get a tad bit more detailed etc etc. The base work is so-so, i think what i should have done is glued all sorts of junk to the base first and then started merging the GS into it, and to work on the half/half principle as its a pain to hold something like a base while you try to scrupt into it etc without accidently pressing fingers into the GS. Otherwise, im pretty happy with it being the first proper converted Tyranid (as simple as the conversion was). Just need to attach his other legs, his arms and paint him up!

So thats about it. In other news, my modular immolator turret went well. The only thing i need to sort out is the flamer canister, since it would look weird if its glued on while the Heavy Bolters or Multi Meltas are attached, so im thinking of how im going to work that around everything, without making it too complicated.


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Lil, Lil Update

I want my F.E.A.R. :P

That aside, been doing alot of minor work here and there, mainly modelling aspects like getting bits and pieces for my Thousand Sons, attempting to clean mold lines off PEWTER minis (which is a pain) and working on my lil quick guide on 'How to make a Modular Immolator Mk II Turret'. So far is going well, all the required plastic parts have been cleaned up (to the best of my ability and without carving stuff INTO the plastic). Ive got a lil metal plate with the magnets ready, so its just a case of marking up the magnets, taking pictures, putting them in and then making a minor modification to the turret mount itself and that will be the immolator done. The next stage will be to make a modular rhino/immolator, although im pondering if i want to make that with a second plastic canopy or just use a regular bit of tank spure (undecided). By that stage, im hoping to look at doing the plastic battle sister conversion and we'll see how that goes.

Painting wise, not doing a great deal at this point in time. Might slap some more coats of paint onto the Thousand Sons mini (and take pics) and see what i can do about that nice lil Hormagaunt i have going. For the sake of argument i probably wont augment it with any biomorphs and just make at a later stage in time a Hormagaunt brood with toxin sacs, since the basic hormagaunt (from what i can tell) is still a nasty lil creature to contend with.

Thats about it for now.


Friday, April 14, 2006

Getting somewhere...

Since I have been essentially FORCED into this position now, I might as well run with it.. So before I get into the main reason of why this blog exists....


Please =)


To more important 40K matters... Ive done some more painting on the first TS mini and its going quite well (which is kinda scary). Once the base dries a bit more, allowing me to paint over it (darn PVA glue) I can finish up the legs (just need to highlight the trims) glue that one and start slowly whacking up the mini piece by piece upwards. Although I doubt I'll get it finished by the end of Easter, it will come close. Depending on how things go, I might take some pics of it tonight, if not, i'll definitely have pics within the next few days for sure. As for other stuff, the GS from last night should be dry, so I'm considering taking new pics of the 'Alienid' and the WIP Robed AotL Sgt. Still got a lot more practice to go with sculpted robes, but at least it isnt looking like pure crap. I also started doing some stuff for the 'Nid base, but I get the funny feeling i should have laid down the thin later of GS first before commencing work. I probably wont make the base TOO flashy, as Ill have another heck knows how many more lil bugs to do behind it, so Ill get a chance to work on more creative bases. Did some more bits prep for the TS AC, and BLAH, darn characters needing all sorts of flashy bits, oh well. Not like one can do alot with the basic TS models (damn dust concept).

Anyway, thats about it for tonight, if pics come up, you'll see them, if not ill get stuff done in the next few days.


Thursday, April 13, 2006

And the Hills were alive, with the sound of Dakka Fire!!!

Well Howdy Y'all!!! So yeah, I thought I would put the spark of life back into this blog a bit!! Especially now that the B&C has restored itself, its only "natural" that my 40K stuff would too.. So what has happened as of late?

- I finished DoW. It wasnt that bad a game, a few funny moments here and there (the Eldar Avatar is REALLY stupid), and I'm sure there are a few more that I just cant recall atm. The end of the game was actually a bit disappointing to be honest, I thought there would be more to it, but oh well, such is GW I guess. So yeah, NEEDING a new game *glares at Erwin and Arjan* GIVE ME MY F.E.A.R. !!!!

- Finished reading the Blood Angels Black Library Saga... Basically, KICK ASS BOOKS!! I recommend the books to anyone, whether they are Blood Angels fans or not. Story was written beautifully, and the use of only two novels to do it worked VERY well (not too short, but not too long and dragged out). I've recentlyed acquired Faith and Fire (written by the same person that did the BA books) and I'm still quite impressed. Story is written very well, and its nice to see the SoB in a book of their own (semi sparked me to look at my own SoB and ponder).

- Been slowly touching the few Grey Hunters on my table here and there, so they will slowly get there.

- Started painting up my first Thousand Sons mini and yeah, it aint too bad. Oddly enough, painting Chaos Marines might actually be quicker than normal marines. The only thing i hate about the mini is the chest section which is cluttered with crap, so that will take some time for sure.

- Did some more GS work TONIGHT!! The front of the first 'Nid has been "blinded" and all I need to do is add in some finishing details that I'll leave til later on. Also did some more work on the robed AotL Sgt and well, it isnt as bad as some robe work Ive seen in the past, but I think I was wrong to think I could out sculpt a GW sculpter. However, it still looks ok, and by working layer over layer (thinly of course) it hasnt bulked up the robe so it looks bulky etc. So there is hope yet. I might end up taking some pics later on as the GS hardens some more, or leave it til tomorrow so I dont accidently damage the GS.

Also got some more magnets on their way here (200 of them) so that will be nice. Im getting a nice lil collection of magnets to work with which really helps.

Now if only I could paint etc as fast as I read; I only bought Faith and Fire on tuesday/wednesday-ish and its thursday now and Ive already gone through about close to 2/3s of the book (its that good).

So Ill leave it with that for now and hopefully there will be more updates as time goes by.