Thursday, November 30, 2006

Minor Spring Cleaning

With the increased cases of spam making it through blogs, especially after that one piece of spam commentary that managed to break through the word verification, i have taken steps to now make my blog registered users only (sorry for those who post as anonymous). In theory this should mean only folk signed up via blogger will be able to post comments which should offer a tad bit more protection against these damn spam bots who clearly have nothing better to do (then again, they are bots, its not like they choose to do what they do).

In terms of actual update? Well i did get a Protectorate of Menoth Battlegroup the other day from ebay (at half price). I knew it was brand new, but I didn't think it was still in its shrink wrap (let alone be a dated box - totally different internal packaging, b/w stat cards).

I did start up doing some cleaning on models here and there the other week, so i should really sit down and see what was happening there. I also need to pick up the water effects stuff off ebay (should do that next week) so i can really start moving into getting some of this WM/Hordes stuff done before the end of the year. That also reminds me, I wanted to see if i could find snow flock from ebay too.

That is pretty much it (might pick up HH Vol4 + Eldar BF next week though).


Saturday, November 11, 2006

Lil Warmachine Haul

Wow, another update? Something clearly must be up!

As the title suggests, i did have a lil Warmachine haul today and picked up the Cryx Battlegroup, the Witch Coven of Garlghast + Egregore and Thagrosh. Quite happy with that and i had a peak and the models and i think ill definitely be using my Alt Denny model for my Denny, as the Battlegroup one, although she has a nice body, the witch barbs look like CRAP. Since they had another Alt Denny model, i might grab that just for the Witch Barbs heh.

On some upsetting news, i didn't find No Quarter #9 there, which muffs me a tad bit, so i havent a clue how im going to get that for the time being (might try the ebay seller i got alot of WM stuff from in the past) since thats a gaming store of sorts.

In more GOOD news, i placed the old Eldar Battleforce and Horus Heresy Vol 4 on layby, which i am thinking i will pick up in a few weeks time.

Painting wise havent done alot, havent been exactly full on motivated to do so yet, although doing some modelling and converting stuff may strike my fancy, so i may give that a shot within the next few days.

Other than that, thats pretty much it. Although i also thought i would add in, Turpentine is better at removing paint from pewter models than brake fluid is!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

I Blame the Urcaen!!!

Since everyone cant stop "commenting" on it (yes i'm being polite there) here is that update ye all have been "asking" for (yet again I'm being polite there).

Not alot has happened since the last update that focused on Denny, just needed a lil "break" I guess. However, things should hopefully get a lil more "action packed" around here again for the end of 2006. Been more "focused" (and i use that term very loosely) in Warmachine to the point where i now have all the rule books (Prime, Escalation, Apotheosis and Superiority) in addition to Primal for Hordes. Although much like 40K not alot has been touched. Since i've been "blessed" with the beginning of a new month, I'll probably try to aim and get some of the paint tests done for my Cryx army (since i do have a good idea of what i want). As for 40K, not sure yet. Other than the desire to start a new army (most likely Eldar) i'll need to sit down and re-assess what is on the painting desk, although i suspect "high" priorities will be to finish the Sisters, AotL Terminators and a special project that potentially could have had alot of spotlight but fell through.

So there ya go folks, here is ye bloody update!!