Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Musings...

Since I am having to watch Teletubbies with my Niece, I thought it would be a good chance to grab the laptop and do some musings... Of course, I'm not actually watching it, but i am sitting with her while she watches it and i occasionally poke my head up to see what is going on...

Anyway, I was randomly thinking what my general goals will be for next year, and what better time to start planning than now, since it will take me like 6 months before i make a start on it and yeah... With the work starting on my Everblight crew, i thought i'd try to make an effort of doing more work on them since hopefully i will have an Angelius and a Shredder done sometime soon-ish. So hopefully i will PICK a Warlock to start on and take things from there. At this point in time I'm thinking it will probably be Lylyth. As for what gets painted, that's anyones guess. I also keep having random Protectorate musings with Feora, in addition to the further work on my Cryx, and hopefully either Deneghra or Asphyxious will be completed sometime next year (early is preferable, but we'll see).

Teletubbies is also scary....

Anyway... 40K wise, who knows... I keep getting cravings to do Word Bearers and Iron Hands (I blame the PC&A section on the B&C for this) whilst still trying to do more work on my Angels of the Lion (I really ought to finish those 5 terminators sitting on my desk, despite the fact the rules changed during the progress on them).

I'm probably not going to make any set lists on what i want done since i'm very random on the painting front, but i do hope to try and get a few odds and ends done since i do want to tidy up my paint desk and make it just a tad bit neater and tidier.

Assuming I dont need to pass out later (which i probably will need to) i'll see if i can slap on some more paint onto the shredder or angelius.



Minor Update -

Did a Blog re-deco so things actually look a lot more stream lined now with all the changes that have occured to Blogger over the years, especially if you look at when this Blog was first made!!

I like the changes, and as I said, makes things look more streamlined.

Hopefully from now on I'll start to use some of the extra gadgets around, like the labels to start marking my posts for easier access (at least the archives are a lot more tidier).

May also do a 2009 'proposal' post, because, well, I know I don't stick to it, but hey, it's fun to do!!


Things are not going well No. 1

Well I wouldn't say they are going horrible, however I am not fully liking how things are going. Painting the Angelius is actually NOT an easy feat... Although for future Everblight models I will endeavour to use a white base coat versus black, since well, practicality wise, it would have made life significantly easier. Don't get me wrong, the Angelius, doesn't look BAD or anything, but it won't be fantastic either. I've already noticed that some of the GS work is rather sub-par, and since I never had a chance to perfect my Everblight scheme and technique prior to the Angelius, I feel that I may have rushed into this too quickly.

Sure I still want to get the Angelius finished, it's not like I won't ponder getting another one, so things may still be a-ok-ish. Failing that I will be completely random and try to finish a 'Land Shark'. Good thing about the Shredder is that it's at a similar stage to the Angelius, but being smaller makes life easier *nods*. Of course, finding time to do all the painting is doing my head in, but we'll see. I've already seen some of the competition entries, and there is already a nice Dreadnought and Captain model from the Assault on Black Reach box. MInd you, they are fairly stock AND PLASTIC... But we'll see. If i can't make it or I feel that it would only be a rush to do it, I may just finish it at a more casual pace and take in the model/pictures into the store one day as an aside.

But hey, upside is, I'm painting!!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Angelius Update

I am happy to announce that the GS phase has gone well. Wasn't too bad either (thanks to new sculpting tools from Privateer Press) so getting some of that nitty gritty work wasn't too bad. I'm hoping to TRY and get it under coated and everything in the next few days, alas i do know i have some commitments coming up so finding the time to do so will be a tad bit difficult.

However, things are going good *nods*. I'll try to get a pic update soon.


Monday, October 20, 2008

Wings are glued!

Now I have a happy Angelius *nods* It's wings have been put on with a bit of effort. Hopefully tomorrow i can carefully and gently do the GS work to patch up the gaps and add a bit more stability to the wing joints. Not a bad looking model when put together, assuming one doesn't go insane when putting it together!!

So here are some more progress pics!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

I rise again!!!

I know, I'm horrible with keeping this thing updated!!

However, I thought I would show that I am indeed still alive by posting a minor update to something I am doing for a local comp here. The model is far from finished (and I suddenly see why folks say it's a pain to put together). However, I thought it would be a rather symbolic way of my slow return!

So I now present to you, the sign of my return...

The Angelius....