Thursday, June 29, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 7 + Bonus

Just a very quick update...

The Lion Guard look ALOT better now that the orange has been axe'd completely from their paint scheme. However, the flash on the camera muted out alot of the robe tone, so they look completely yellow. However, i am alot more happier with them now since the robes are patched up (and done) leaving just the lil details on the main bodies to do and sort out the arms. So im moving along nicely and hope to meet the Round 2 deadline (which hasnt been announced yet).

In other news, i also took a pic of my Sisters and wow, it does look like ive done work when i do batch work! But they are progressing well and ive also cleaned up a few more Eldar bits that ill use to make plastic Sisters with. Although i am debating if i want to make a tutorial out of it yet, so yeah, that is one of the lil things that are bugging me about it at this point in time.

Also have the CoD sprues from the Imperial City box being cleaned up now, so thats good to have that out of the way. And i also picked up a $12 rotary tool kit the other day from the local DIY store, so im sure that will come in handy for sure.

Anytime time to close with pics:


Sunday, June 25, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 6

If i could do a weird 'Paint Color of the Month' type of thing, I know MY vote would be put down for Filthy Brown (aka Vomit Brown for you Citadel users). The color i swear has a HEAP of uses, from serving as a stepping stone for decent yellow robes (this will save my Lion Guard for sure), to being another color in bone color robes AND does wonders for facial skin tone. So yeah, I LOVE this color.

The Lion Guard are back on track now that the color tests have been completed and filthy brown has been applied to the robes. Definitely looking alot better and i can safely say the tone will look alot more natural than previous pics have shown them to be.

Im pending a reply back from da main DA man SG to see if i can make a submission of these guys for the competition over at the DA forum on the B&C. So no WIP pics until i know what is happening with that. But I assure you, they terminators look alot better and i know i will be happier with the end result.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 5

After seeing some very BEAUTIFUL yellow robes on the B&C, the Lion Guard will regretably be postponed until i get some new paints and redo the robes as i really am NOT happy with how they look atm. This will probably mean i will miss the first round of the AoD (whether there is a second round, who knows) but yeah. Im a lil disappointed, but oh well, it cant be helped. These guys have been "rushed" enough as it is, and even though they will look ok when finished, i dont want to keep having to feel disgusted with the robes.

So progress is slowing down slightly, but ill still paint what i can (mainly looking at random bits on the arms now and what i can do on their main bodies without having to clean up stuff before the redo of the robes).

Made up a few more painting 'bases' so things should be easier to paint now without too many difficulties. If i can slowly fiddle around my desk, i might do some more work on the Sisters again, since two of them still need to have the cold grey coat redone before i can step onto the stone wall grey coat.

Otherwise, things are going ok, a bigger painting desk would be nice (or less models to paint) so i have plenty of stuff to keep me occupied yet.


Monday, June 19, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 4

Just a small progress pic of the painting stages. It isnt alot, all thats been done is the under/base coat and the intermediate stage for their robes before i move onto the yellow. So far they are looking ok, nothing overly wonderful since they have no details etc. Tomorrow ill start on doing the yellow stage on the robes, try and finish up the Sgt's face and maybe even get started on the eye lenses for the other guys. I guess i should also TRY and start up the metal areas as well and maybe do small patches of paint chipping since i didnt want to model in any actual suit damage.

Bare in mind the pic isnt all that fantastic as the cam has clearly focused on the middle terminator (the heavy flamer bearer) while the rest are all at differing levels of blurriness. Still ALOT of work to go and unfortunately little time...


Sunday, June 18, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 3

The terminators are now situation on my painting desk getting their nice coats of black paint. The first coat went down quite well, and i just need to do another second go to make sure i havent got any random bits of plastic or GS poking through. So far they look pretty ok, although the black does look semi boring so i do hope the yellow of the robes helps to make them stand out with the addition of other random colors here and there over the mini to break up the black.

Otherwise i am quite happy with them and i hope i can pull off a decent paint job.

This will be the last pic for a lil bit since i dont feel like moving them back n forth, unless i do a panoramic pic of my paint desk (in addition to heck knows what else is there).

So enjoy the pic, ill post updates as they come along (that and i have til like wednesday to finish them).


Saturday, June 17, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 2

I'd freak out too if i knew i was going to do this much work in the space of days, anyway, less babble and more stuff!!

The Lion Guard are moving along very nicely with minor work being needed prior to the painting stage (attaching a few random bits and doing some GS work here and there). Overall i am quite happy with the look of the termies, and they are definitely standing out for sure (and not basic rank and file stuff straight from the box).

Painting should commence this weekend, so keep on checking in!


Thursday, June 15, 2006

Lion Guard Update

Well i managed a rather big leap of progress with the termies for the SH AoD. Tonight i actually did the GS robing which actually came out looking pretty good (as in im happy with it). However, my skills with the GS and robing still need some work, however it is all a learning experience for me, and this ill have to say was a big learning lesson.

Just a bit more GS work needs to be done (hoods and basing) and after that its minor things before the painting stage which should actually be pretty easy! Guess it pays to paint Sisters of Battle as im getting used to painting robes on armor.

Anyway the pic will be attached at the end of my rant bit, but yeah, with a week or so left to go, im quite happy with the progress i have made. With the amount of work less than what it was before, i can be fairly optimistic that ill make the deadline for the AoD and honor the Angels of the Lion with an appearance there.


Sunday, June 11, 2006

Just a lil progress update...

So just a minor update to keep most of ye folk entertained (not that alot of ye read this anyawy)....

Did a lil bit of painting tonight (not a WHOLE lot as painting grey gets boring after a while) but two of my sisters are pretty down packed with the 'Cold Grey' stage now. Three more sisters to do that one for this batch and i can move to the lighter grey coat and press on with the rest of the mini. I also continued on the EC V2 color tests and played around with the next purple color - 'Warlord Purple' and wow, it's alot more pinker than i thought, even compared to GWs. Which I guess is probably a good thing since I am after the more pink look and its turning out qutie well. Ill probably do some more work on that in the next few days as well (to get a quick break from all this grey). Decided not to touch the three SW minis that i started base coating from last week, but I'm sure I'll touch them up later on during the week. I'm also thinking about changing my ideas for my SoB basing, now that it probably would be alot easier to cut the tiles out and then glue them onto the base rather than try to score into the plasticard which isnt providing me with the desired effect im after. With the release of the urban basing kits this week as well i'll grab some of them specifically for use for my SoB (til they run out) and revert back to some more conventional stuff for basing.

The terminators for the SH AoD have been cleaned up, all I need to do is loosely put them together to get a general idea of what they look like and what converting work i wanna do. Although considering the first round of the AoD starts on the 14th, time wise it doesnt look too good, so ill have to try and work as fast as i possibly can. If I dont make it, then oh well, but I still want to try and get these guys set up (plus it didnt help that i took so long deciding if i wanted to enter or not).

Also been playing some more DoW and I did get past that weird insane mission, only to have the following mission be even MORE insane. When they say they throw you into the game, they really mean it. However, it has still been fun to play, even if it is wimpy guard, so Id actually recommend getting the game for sure.

Gonna try and cut some stuff out of the Dryad box for basing material for the Termies (yeah i know its a Space Hulk thing but i DO want them to match the rest of my army at a later date). I should also try and clean up the small tables besides me cos its covered in EVERYTHING! Well, almost.. but still it isnt a clean mess.

On a final note, the Tyranid BF stuff is washed and dry and the CoD sprues will be drying overnight, so ill have more goodies to play with, Yesssssssssssssssssss!!


Friday, June 09, 2006

Update time!!

Since Arjan wanted one :P Although blogger was being silly the other day so i dont even know if my comment actually ended up posting..

Anyway, as for Tobias, he's still alive yes, not sure about how much of a life he is having, but he is quite active over at the B&C :D

As for me, well Ive gone a bit 40K crazy as of late:

1x Tyranid Battleforce (from today)
1x BIGGG CoD boxset (today on layby)
1x Terminator box (from wednesday)
1x Dryads box (wednesday)
1x CoD Box (wednesday)

So yeah i have alot of stuff to keep me occupied, Yessssssssss!! Ill pick up the Big CoD box in 2 weeks time but yeah, thats my HUGE ass haul there. The Dryads and Termies have been washed, half the 'Nid box is being washed right now, the rest will have to wait as i need something bigger to wash them in PLUS the CoD stuff. The CoD codex is good, and a BIG change since Cityfight in that it it is actually a decent supplment rather than being a 40K 4th Ed V2.0 Rulebook. Still need to sit down and read it properly but i like what ive seen thus far.

Slowly getting the Termies together for the SH AoD and painting stuff when I can (ive been a wee bit bad and also did some random SW painting instead of SoB cos i needed some decent plain 'flat' areas of stuff to paint on rather than having to nit pick cos of detail etc.

So thats pretty much it. No pics this week im afraid as ive had a bit of a neck ache since wednesday *groan* so i havent been doing much painting as i know that would make things worse (and as if work doesnt make my neck feel bad enough as it is).