Monday, February 28, 2005

Black Lining is NOT a good thing at times.

I managed to do a bit more work last night, it wasnt alot as it was more painting based, but my goodness!! Black lining is a PAIN!! I spent about one hour doing a set of legs, as there was more "detail" on them than i had first thought. In the end, they are almost complete, just need to do some cleaning up of the lining and do a few patches here and there, that the brush i was using at the time couldnt reach. But it DOES look good! I'll hopefully start the paint process on the Torso for it soon as well, as well as touch up the base a bit, but otherwise, everything is going ok, for that one mini anyway.

As for March Goals, i will list them up within a day or two, however i know march wont be too bad time wise, so im hoping i should easily be able to get some time here and there to do some work. Pictures will hopefully be loaded at the end of the week, assuming my net is back up.


Saturday, February 26, 2005

Did a wee bit of painting....

Since im trying to be ordered (yet remember everything, ill just list updates, army by army).

Space Wolves
- I actually started slapping on the basecoat for some of my undercoated minis. Man, the test minis werent the best ones to use (model wise) as i didnt factor in the amount of 'detail' on the models, so it makes black lining a pain in the rear. None the less, i have actually started on these pups.

- Started thinking about my Wolf Guard Battle Leader and im thinking i might use some Chaos Warrior parts to create him, but im still uncertain at this point in time. I want a nice characterful Battle Leader, but i fear using the Chaos Warrior parts may act to diminish some of that Character.

- I think i finally decided to use the Thunderwolf (IIRC) as my Great Company Badge. Thank gawd for the transfers, as the other badges that arent on the transfers would take ages to paint on etc.

Thousand Sons
- So im making more progress. The Test mini now has a good coat of black on it and is ready for base coating etc. I took a pic of the model in its undercoated glory, but its so dark, you cant really see anything. I think i need a second light source (well lamp) so i can flank the lamps for the model.

Its funny how at the end of the month im only starting to head out on my goals for feb. With Feb coming to an end and March beginning, ill be placing up new goals for march. At this rate in time, they wont be big, as ill be looking at probably trying to finish the TS test mini and half the grey hunters pack. Im sure ill do some modelling work, but thats random and unpredictable, however i do want to work on my blood claws soon, before all the ideas in my head spill out and are forgotten.

Keep watching this space, as there actually MAY be another update tomorrow!


Friday, February 25, 2005

Did a lil work, im kinda pleased!!

So, managed to take a pic of my Test Thousand Sons mini before priming and undercoating, only to realise my SD card is sadly corrupt. So im back to like a 12 pic limit on the cam on its internal memory. None the less, i got a pic of the test paint mini. Will load it up when i get my net back, although by then, ill probably have a few more pictures of that mini done up (at least one of it with its black undercoat). Also undercoated another Space Wolves Grey Hunter base, so i have 5 grey hunters started on the painting process. However, its of various parts of their lower bodies. Might try and get a pic of that too.

Re-organised one of my storage "boxes" and yeah, got ALOT more space out of it when i realised i could divide parts up etc, so its alot more space economical, which im glad about. Can store all my future works in there now (Sisters of Battle, Thousand Sons etc).

Gonna try and do some more work this weekend on them, not sure what, but i am determined.

That also reminds me, i need to see if Vash (B&C Member) has a pbase/photobucket, as he has been producing FANTASTIC Sisters of Battle minis and im totally inspired!

Watch this space!!


Saturday, February 19, 2005

Finally, some good news!!

Since i didnt want to start my post with the same phrase in 3 posts in a row, i changed it :)

Anyway, the good news is, i had a few minutes to properly set my painting table back up so ive got all my boxes set out, the minis im working on in front of me and my tools all out. The other good news was that i also managed to glue my Thousand Sons test mini to his base (finally). Had to give his feet a good clean up again, just to remove any dried glue and other stuff, put some glue on his feet and just stuck him to his base and the last i checked it was holding. So i may be able to slap on some primer and everything on him this weekend!!

As for my Wolves, we'll see, i know i undercoated 4 of them, so i may continue painting them or see how im going on the others. Trying to avoid things like bolters and shoulder pads as i want to do some work on them. Otherwise, we shall see :)


Friday, February 18, 2005

Half a month gone, and nothing to show for it.

So yeah, the title says it all really. Half of feb has been and gone, and i havent done much at all. The only thing that could really count was putting all my stuff back onto the table and organising it, but otherwise, i havent been able to sit down and do any work. Work has been so busy and hectic as of late, i havent had anytime to really sit down and spend some quality time on anything. The last thing i got to do, i believe was my Thousand Sons. I think for March, im going to keep it to a single goal and pray i get enough time for that. If things are really good, i might get some work done, but ill see how things go.

I seriously swear i could use a vacation right about now.

Monday, February 07, 2005

A Minor Inconvenience...

So yeah, because of Chinese New Year, we are getting some of our carpets cleaned, which so happen to be in the room where my entire painting setup is, so i was some what annoyed when everything had to be moved for a wee bit so the carpets can be cleaned. None the less, it isnt too bad, its just going to be a pain moving everything BACK!

I got an email back from Simon about the Thousand Sons, so ill send him one back later today as well as add in another question about the 'head dresses'.

Still havenet sorted out that WD problem just yet, nor have i started looking into new paints for my Thousand Sons, however i'll see how things go this week. Rumour has it ive got a rather large work load this week, so things will probably not be to my advantage at all. So this week may be minimal for 40K stuff, which some what sucks, but there isnt much i can do about it to say the least. Might try and get my room re-organised so i can bring about a second paint station in this house when i need it, so i can have two stations set up with different armies etc!!


Sunday, February 06, 2005

If Only Ahriman Knew..........

How annoying it makes things after the Rubric of Ahriman!!

So yeah, i started working on my Thousand Sons tonight, and lets see, the test mini for the paint scheme didnt want to be glued to its base, the cleanin up process was a pain, particularly mold lines on pewter and lastly, glueing in general is just damn annoying!!

I sent an email to Simon (Master Avoghai for you B&Cers) askin' for some tips to combat the above. I also need to ask Simon for a step by step guide for DIY 'Head Dresses' for Thousand Sons, as he made one for his Defiler and it came out great!

Saw a nice idea on the B&C tonight for basing. Basically what had been done was plastic card (like Mobile phone recharge cards) were cut up and placed on the base and voila, easy tiling effect. I'll definitely have to keep that in mind, especially when i start my sisters! I also need to invest in some sand or small gravel for basing as well!! The Space Wolves are going ok, i still feel they arent 'wolfy' enough, but i guess thats just my Perfectionist side! Got a few ideas for a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, and im thinking ill use a Chaos Warrior as the basis for the model. I just need to make sure that i finalise any possible wargear for him, just in case i need to do some magnet work!

Thats about it for me for this post, i suspect i wont be getting any new pics of my Wolves until much later down the track (Sorry Tobias :P). Might try and get some Shots of my Thousand Sons if all goes well.


Friday, February 04, 2005

Did a Lil bit of Work!

Well!!! I actually managed to paint for about half an hour or so, so ive got some more undercoat Grey Hunters (this is good). However, i still have alot of lil minor GS work to do on them, so im trying not to leap out in long, bold strides on these 4 until everything is all caught up and up to speed.

Been reading the Inquistior War Novels (finished Draco a few days ago). I must say, they are a good read, Im quite impressed with the plot line thus far and its been very attention grabbing.

Picked up two issues of WD today (301 & 302) and both seem ok, although i need to chase down 300 *groans*.

Hopefully going to try and do some work on either my Grey Hunters this weekend or work on something else Blood Claws or Thousand Sons!