Saturday, January 29, 2005

February Goals

Well, since this month was totally shot to death in terms of goals (Didnt get as far as i would have liked), i thought id start outlining my Feb goals, so Duregar can kick me up the backside when im not working hard enough haha!!

February Goals:

- Primary Goal: Complete First Pack of Grey Hunters.
Add GS Pack Markings
GS Some Bolters
Paint 'em Up!!

- Secondardy Goals: Commence Thousand Sons, Commnce Blood Claw Pack
Clean up and Convert Plastics for Thousand Sons (6 Man Squad)
Clean up and Convert Plastics for Blood Claw Pack (10 Man Pack)

- Other Goals: Stick to Primary and Secondary Goals!
Find more time to do 40K stuff!!

That is all (for now)


Monday, January 24, 2005

I think Im insane, but im not sure.

So after much browsing through the B&C, and seeing the things i can do to models after watching my Grey Hunters move off the production line, i am once again faced with the dilemma, do i redo my EC are not? I mean some of them are ok atm, but given what i intended to do with them and the the ones that have already come out, well, its going to be interesting.

So ill keep thinking about it, unless my Grey Hunters turn out to be marine marvels, in which i will redo my EC marines without hesitation.

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Im sooo slow its not funny >.<

So im making the SLOWEST progress ever on my grey hunters EVER! I made a lil "agreement" with Tobias aka Wolf Lord Duregar and yeah well, he has probably done more work than i have! I was thinking about it today and i realised i might wanna GS my pack parkings on my grey hunters as well and i about started screaming inside my head! So yeah, i should get my grey hunters finished in say.... 2065.

I could say ill TRY to do some work this weekend, but ive got alot of things to do around the house and my sleeping habits as of late have been very very poor, so i doubt ill touch them this weekend (sadly enough).

However, i am getting a SD card for the camera, so ill be able to load up on pics easily etc and not drain the poor camera batteries whilst transfering my files across. Thank goodness my laptop has a 4 in 1 card reader.

Oh well, one day i guess...


Friday, January 21, 2005

Another small thought on something.

So i was looking around on the web and stuff and stumbled upon this cool comic that is inspired off the Hellraiser franchise. Anyway, im browsing it and i see the last comic panel and instead of be horrified (which most "normal" people would be) i looked at it and thought, hrmm, i like what i see. Basically it was like a 'sculpture' of all sorts of body parts, limbs, heads etc all melded into one. So with that in mind, i thought, could this be the base of a new Chaos Spawn? Or Perhaps even a new basis for a Tzeentch Horror? Im leaning towards Horror, but i feel that it could still be useful for a Spawn, especially one for Slaanesh :)

However, if i do it on the Horror scale, at least i can save a few bucks instead of having to buy blister upon blister of horrors!


Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A Few Ideas

Hmmm, so i saw some stuff on the net (Ebay and B&C) that gave me a few ideas.

Anyway, as for B&C, i saw some work by Mountain Angel, who added some chains to his minis (Im assuming from the Chaos Vehicle Accessory Sprue). Anyway it looked great and for me, i thought it would be a great Hellraiser-isque idea for my Emperor's Children.

As for Ebay, i saw a nice Defiler conversion. Instead of having it as the stock standard stuff, it was made into a more Scorpion look, which i think looks fantastic for it. Second time ive seen such a Design (First was in the V4 Rule Book), but thats what im thinking about for my Defiler (when the time comes).

Otherwise, everything else is still slow moving, but im getting there. I just plopped Bel'akor out to dry from his soapy bath.

Oh, that reminds me, i got the Inquisitor Rulebook a few days ago, not too bad. I also need to stat making this blogger a bit more 'known'.

Hopefully ill get some more undercoating done by the end of this week (not doing well at meeting my January goal). Also waiting for some news in regards to the AotL site about Admin access to keep that running.


Tuesday, January 18, 2005

More Pic testing

Ok, im STILL getting somewhere with this, but yeah, here is a pic of my Grey Hunters with Milliput wolf pelts, so yeah.. Woo i guess.

Milliput Pelts for my Grey Hunters

Testing Image Linking.

Soo, ive got most of the minor stuff sorted out, but i wanna check about pics and stuff, as that is KINDA important n stuff. Although i have a photobucket account (which helps), this way i can post new images etc of new WIP shots or what not, so hopefully it'll work, or you'll see alot of *EDIT* parts. Heck that lil one there, is a real one too as i pressed the wrong button.

So here goes:

The Completed Test Run SW Models i did, using both GW and Vallejo paints.

Now to see how it looks.

You have NO idea how long it took me to sort that out!!


First Post

Well I thought i'd follow suit after some people and make a specific '40K' based blog, to help keep track of ideas/progress etc. Plus i can save on some email space to some people as well as it will probably make life a whole lot easier for some.

So yeah, welcome =)

Hopefully this wont look too crap haha.