Friday, February 27, 2009

Mk II ??

So PP have announced that next year will be the release of 'Mk II' (or in simple terms the next edition of Warmachine/Hordes). For the time being i think it's a good idea since PP have gone something around the order of 6 odd years since the first release of Prime, and things have expanded in such a way, a new edition is going to be a good thing. Of course, i'm trying to keep optimistic about this (and it sounds like it WILL be good) and avoid the oh no, impending doom idea of it (gee thanks GW!!).

In other news, the B&C LPC ends this weekend, but i feel confident that i can finish my entry (i will try to get a progress shot up here if i can, well a new one anyway).

Lastly, possibly because of the new Mk II stuff for Warmachine/Hordes, i've been thinking if i want to start segmenting my GW and PP stuff into their own blogs. General idea would be that this blog would remain true to GW whilst the new blog would cater to all stuff PP. Given some of this Mk II issues, i'm actually liking the idea, because i think it's a good idea to segregate the two. Of course the flip side is, by separating the two, it means that i'll have two blogs that are potentially updated very infrequently. But eh, at this point i'm still thinking it over.

I'll try to do a pic update soon!!


Sunday, February 08, 2009

B&C LPC Update

Well i did it (well, a few weeks ago now) and put my name down for the LPC event. However me being me only signed up for a single miniature (because i know i'm that bad with getting stuff done). However, the modelling phase is pretty much sorted now (thank the gods).

Next up is the undercoating stage, which i'm sure will be fun-fun-fun. I'm fairly happy with the mini, and hopefully once the paint starts getting slapped on, he'll look alot better.

Although from now on, i think i'll re-size my pictures a bit more as i swear they pick up at least a few million things wrong with the model, that i swear even i can't actualy notice!!

Anyway, just a quick pic of the front of the model (note, this isn't the full mini, the backpack and extra accessory have not been included in the shot).