Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007! Here we go!!

And here we are, into 2007. Dang, this blog has been around for 2 years now (or getting very close to). Wont be any pics in this folk, so yeah, if you wanted eye candy, go elsewhere :P

In any case, i thought id try and highlight my 40K and WM desires/resolutions for this year (since last year was a tad bit too laid back). Although, I will say i did do some painting on my AotL termies the other night, so all is going well. I should REALLY try to sit down and get their bases finalised as that will be one less piece of grief to worry about (once I remember what Vallejo paints I do and dont have).

Aside from being more active in the B&C this year (and after starting the 2007 Resolutions thread, trust me, Ill be active til the end of the year on the B&C without a doubt!), I wanted to list some more of my model based resolutions.

So cutting straight to the big and ugly, here we go!

40K Resolutions for 2007

- To create 750 pts of Sisters of Battle, painted and based by the end of this year. Sure i know it is low, but knowing me, ill need all the time I can get, that and I will be covering multiple armies.
- To get my AotL up to 1000 pts by the end of this year. Yes that won't be easy, sure it probably won't be effective but there ye have it. At least my terminators shall pave the way! Plus with the re-release of the DA codex in the next few months, i think its fair enough to give my first army some attention since they have been pretty much on hold forever.
- Space Wolves up to 750pts. Yes that means finishing my Grey Hunters. Probably my Wolf Scouts, a pack of Blood Claws, a Battle Leader and probably some Long Fangs (hurray to plastic Devastators being released too).
- Tyranids up to 500 pts. Reason why this is so low is because of the time and effort that needs to go into actually making up EACH AND EVERY MODEL! Sure 500 pts will only be about I dont know, maybe 40 odd models, but oh well! As i said, i have armies galore to work on and over two game systems.
- Emperor's Children up to 750 pts. I have been sitting on making the Version 2.0 EC guys for ages, and I really need to get a move on. I still have my design sketches floating around and yeah, shouldnt be too bad. I guess i could start with my Daemonettes since all they need is some rebasing and painting since there isnt much in the way to convert (since they are excellent models as is).
- Thousand Sons up to 500 pts. Definitely a minor army so it isnt a big hassle if they arent big, they are mainly for the 'when I need a break from painting green/black/grey/etc. Plus it won't need alot of models either. I should probably try to finish up the test mini.
- Eldar.... Well.. who knows....
- In THEORY I shouldnt need or want to start up any other armies, despite the fact I want Necrons and Tau, but they can freaking wait!!

So yeah, that about covers 40K. Alot of the point sizes have been set lower than what they could be, and given that i have a whole year left, it shouldnt be too bad. Then again, that is the theory.

Onto Warmachine and Hordes.

Warmachine + Hordes 2007 Resolutions

- 500 pts of Cryx. Heh,if you thought the 40K point sizes were low, these ones will be lower. The good thing about getting the Cryx battlegroup was that i easily have a 350 pt list. However the more i learn the more combos i start to realize. However, regardless, I am sure Deneghra will speartip most of my Cryx lists (until I get Goreshade anyway).
- 350 pts of Legion of Everblight. Ok, that is pretty much the Warpack... Nothing too out there and knowing me, Ill need all the time I can get.
- 350 pts of Circle of Orboros. Once again, another Warpack. Since I dont forsee expanding my Circle stuff in the near future.
- Protectorate of Menoth? Who knows really. Since I wanted a heavy infantry based list, my Menoth stuff has a fair way to go, despite the fact I have the Menoth Battlegroup (which is ok).

That is about it for that system. Not a big lot of stuff to do really (way less models than 40K that is for sure). Plus my Cryx scheme shouldnt be all too hard to do at all.

Now, last year was a REALLY bad year for doing my Monthly goals, so yet again i will TRY to do some. However, ill aim even LOWER than before (which makes one wonder, how in the hell am I going to achieve all the above). However, we shall see how things go.

So in light of that, January goals!!

- Get those AotL terminators attached to their bases by the end of this month. It really isnt THAT difficult at all!!
- Finish off the remaining SoB stuff from last year (6 backpacks and one model).
- Get something other than black onto Deneghra. She is a brilliant conversion, so it isnt fair on her to be forever immortalised in black.
- Finish the lone Hormagaunt test. Really.. It's already half way done. All it needs is a wash and detail pickings and some last minute playin around with with basing.

Other bonus stuff would be to finish the Thousand Sons test, some more Grey Hunters and pretty much try to clear up my entire desk of what is currently on it that needs to be painted. Hopefully I'll also get started into some more Cryx stuff as well.

So that is pretty much what i want for this year. If i can exceed expectations, excellent, if not, good lord, i really need a new hobby.