Friday, July 21, 2006

An "Everything" Update..

I realised the term "everything" isn't really appropriate as that would imply ive touched a mini for every army i own which is not the case...

In any case, my Sisters are turning out well, the robes are almost done, just need to do a tad bit of cleaning up here and there on the robes and do a quick blood red highlight. The robes are still as dark as i want them, but i find that gory red and whatever the other red i use are very similar in terms of color (there is a difference upon close up viewing). the terracotta worked like a charm and is even part of the shading in the inner most robing as well which helps alot too. One thing i have noticed is that some of the robes, not the studs but the buttons i guess, not too sure exactly arent as deep as id like them to be so ill probably in future reference give them a quick drilling with the pinvice to just get a bit more depth into them. However, so far, so good i am quite happy with the progress and they do look alot better than the first mini *groans*. Ill try and get a pic up at the end of the weekend as the last pic i took (which wasnt actually uploaded here) is just a tad bit out dated now, although i might have a quick look now.... Yeah, i had a quick squiz at the pics and they are just a tad bit out-dated now, so ill post a newer pic later this weekend (earliest will be sunday as im flat out this weekend with work and a wedding on saturday).

Lion Guard have slowed down a bit more than i wanted since im trying to work on their bases (which is still a good sign in its own right). So far they are looking ok with just a lil bit more work i can probably get onto sealing them with a quick thinned down coat of PVA glue (so i dont have any random bits of flock falling off) and then move onto painting them up. If im unlazy enough, i could probably get that done this weekend and have the undercoat sorted out too.

Otherwise thats pretty much it.


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

A NON Lion Guard Update....

Since its been AGES since ive done something here that WASNT Lion Guard related, i thought id post up the latest pics of random stuff from the paint desk.

First up is the Sisters, and so far 3 of the 5 models have had the final coat done to their armor (the two on the left still need to be done). So far im quite happy with how its turning out (looks better than the test mini for some reason too). Tonight i hope to finish off the last two girls so i can do the touch ups here and there and move onto doing the robes (plus while i do the touch ups on these models i can touch up my Lion Guard at the same time).

Next up is the Thousand Sons mini ive been semi working on (it isnt a priority so it isnt getting alot of attention). Still alot to do on it, so its no where near complete (tabbard needs to be reworked, metal areas arent finished etc).

Lastly is the lone Hormagaunt who has had a few coats of boltgun to give him a nice metallic look before i do the black wash. Looking ok, im DEBATING if i want to do another metallic coat before doing the wash, but we'll see how things go.

Tonight? As i said hope to get the Sisters done, touch up the Lion Guard Torsos and that be it. Anything else will pretty much just be bonus stuff.


Monday, July 10, 2006

Lion Guard Update, Part 8

Surprisingly enough, yes i am still painting up these guys, but i can safely say the torso sections are indeed nearing completion (which is good). Mainly minor work here and there, but im fairly happy with the results (im sure the next time i attempt terminators of any sort they will look alot better). Ill probably try to clean up the armor tomorrow (since it's only a coat or two of black). Ill also try and finish up the lil sensor lights, although they wont be too crash hot, but at least they will have some color on them. The left arms are coming out nicely as well and they should be done by the end of the week. As for the right arms, well they are just a pain and who knows when they will be done. I suddenly wish i magnetised all their arms and torsos but oh well. Overall im still fairly happy with these guys, and they do look better when viewed without a camera. Im hoping once each torso is finished and the bases set up, the pictures will look a tad bit better.

I've also been doing some random painting on the Hormagaunt (which looks fairly metallic atm) and working out how to paint pink well for my EC (suffice to say it isnt working TOO well). Im hoping to stop by an art shop tomorrow and have a squiz at a few acrylic paint ranges as i want to try and find a pink paint that i can use to highlight vallejo squid pink with.

I've also been randomly playing with Genestealers as well and have 4 bases set up thus far. I might set up one fairly 'normally' as i want to use it in some pics. And that is pretty much about it for this lil 40K entry.