Saturday, December 31, 2005

97th Post (The last of 2005)....

Well thats it ladies and gents, another year over and out... So with that in mind, Happy New Years to all. Have fun, stay safe and thats about it really....

Anyway, on a more happy note, I did get to replace the Soul Drinker novel with something and bought me a box of Gaunts. In hindsight, I wish I got the Dryads instead, but oh well... Can never have too many Gaunts, and the Dryads can wait, which means, my AotL go back on the back burner for a few more months (which isnt bad, esp if the DA codex is indeed the next codex out).

Also picked up some random items: A glue gun (for the nice slime effect for my nids), a few containers (one for storing army bits, another for flock materials). So, that is pretty much my last 2005 'haul' I guess.. Wont be one in 2006 for a wee while (maybe Feb-ish). I also back tracked some of my older archives and it looks like I still have approximately 18 days before my blog is actually one year old.. Soo.. Im sure ill hit the 100th post by that time (100 posts in a year, aint too bad :P).

Tonight I hope to get those gaunt bits washed, go to a friends lil 'party' tonight for a bit and tomorrow, I shall do the official 2006 'resolution' thread relating to all matters GW etc etc...

Otherwise, enjoy the end of the year folks, see you in 2006!!


Friday, December 30, 2005

96th Post!!

It would have been nice to do my 100th post prior to the end of the year, but oh well... Nonetheless, I am still doing well.. Although 100 posts over a year? Seems a lil low *shrugs* maybe thats because Im more used to B&C posting standards. Anyway.... Havent done alot of painting in the last few days, but Ill try and do some later tonight, see how close I can get to finishing another model before 2006... I have, however been doing some random modelling/mold line removal on random bits here and there. I know Ive cleaned up another Wolf Scout bits (main body sections anyway) and I did some work on a Thousand Sons mini as well. Might put some parts together and start painting that dude up, then I can have heck knows how many armies at the painting stage going all at once!!

Anyway... did a lil spree today I guess, picked up my lay-by'd Liber Chaotica Compilation.. Aint too bad, gonna have to take off the lil book sleeve (as that is getting annoying) but Im quite happy with it... Sure the cost of that was pretty much the price as two LCs put together, but oh well... Least I have the Khorne segment and the special Undivided section.

Got two more vallejo paints (Silver and Chainmail) as pre-planning for my nids. Plus if and when I go back to my EC, those will help out for trims.

Bought two BL novels, one being Dues Encarmine (so I now have the whole set) and my boo-boo purchase of.. SOUL DRINKER!! So yeah, Im gonna have to go and see if i can return that or get store credit, as ive already got Soul Drinker and dont need another copy... I also picked up the first volume of the Horus Heresy artbooks for $15 off as it was apparently 'damaged' stock. Now I must admit, the other copy that was there, was in pretty bad shape (well one of the corners was pretty creased up), the copy I grabbed wasnt too bad, minor creases in the book in the bottom corner, otherwise its in pretty a-ok shape. So at the cheaper rate, I sure as hell aint complaining about the creases... Of course I would love to get Vols 2 and 3 now, but that could take some time. Also managed to pick up the lil book sized version of the Graphic Novel Daemonifuge. Was quite happy with that since I missed the comic sized version of it and it has been an interesting, yet confusing read. Also got me a few ideas for half my armies out of it.

In the end, I am quite happy with what I got, although the actual idea of the trip was to either buy or lay by a 4th Ed version of the Tyranid Battleforce.... Also saw some random lil 'mini' boxes with a few figures here n there for armies in Fantasy and 40K. Essentially its like 2-3 models (on average) for like $20 AUD. Naturally I laughed as 1. the SM Combat Squad is $30 for 5, the Chaos Warriors box is $50 for about 12 odd... So im like.. Bloody GW, trying to bleed MORE money out of us... Although convenient, HECK NO at those prices.. Also need to pick up my WD, so I might do that early next week.. Apparently the new BT sprue box is coming out soon, which I might grab on its own so I can play around with the bits... Also had a quick look at the Zoanthrope and the good news is that it does have the type of head I am after for my Hive Tyrant/Queen model.. the downside is that the tip of the head is attached to alot of other random bits of pewter... It'll be a bit of a shame to have to spend $26 odd dollars for the head component, but oh well... Stinks that we dont have bits order here as Id just get the friggin head part...

Well thats my lil update/rant over and done with. Ill post a reply with the potential good/bad news about the Soul Drinker Issue.. Debating if I wanna run away with the store credit (if I get one) OR if I do get the money back... if I should pick up a small box of something.... I could get a box of gaunts as I will probably need a second box worth, battleforce or not... That way Ill have some 'Nids to work with to keep me entertained while i work on everything else... Might pick up a box of the Dryads perhaps since I want to use them for a mix of bits for my AotL and potential plastic Daemonettes... So yeah.. options... >.<


Saturday, December 24, 2005

T-minus 5 and counting!!

Getting closer to 100 posts!! In any case, Ive set my 'nids a tad bit back, since I wont have much to work with once these color tests are finished (except a single ravener, if I can ever get some rending claws from SOMEWHERE). I just managed to finished completely a second grey hunter and did some more black undercoats on some new stuff, so in the next day or so I'll probably do some base coating with those. Heck, I might get another model done up within the next week if the base coating process goes well (since the main central section is done). All that needs to be done on that particular hunter is the arm sections (including shoulder pads) and the backpack. Still need to work on the Battle Sister's basing, since that will probably have to go back to the GS, and unlike my Space Wolves bases, needs to be some what flat.. if not ALOT flat, since Im going with a tiled look. I could save myself some hassle and just cut the Sister off from her lil 'slot' segment, patch up the feet and glue her down normally, so we'll see how things go. If that works as well as it sounds like in theory, then I wont need to go down the GS route, which will save alot more time and hassle.

Also did some modelling on my future wolf scouts, well a single scout anyway, and my goodness, making my own scouts is NOT fun... Thank goodness, my 'Dark Angels' scouts will be alot more regular looking.

Otherwise, thats about it for this entry. Ill add a pic (or two) of the completed minis, either in a few minutes time OR later today/tomorrow. And after recalling the dreaded experience with the 'Nid pics, Ill probably combine BOTH pics into one pic and post it here (since I dont feel like using my 96th post as a pic only post)!!


Here is the pic I promised of both the Space Wolves Grey Hunter and Sisters of Battle Battle Sister... The Hunter looks ok in the pic (been a good pic), the Sister, well the pic was good, but the paint work in some areas (especially the face) still needs some more work. Ill probably let that model fly, but for future models, try and take a bit more care in doing the face etc.


Sunday, December 18, 2005

The 94th Post!!!

So we draw closer and closer to 100.... In any case, this is more of an 'Ideas' page for the 'Niddies. Took MANY screen caps of Alien stuff from Alien, Aliens, Alien3, Alien: Ressurrection AND Aliens vs Predator to get a butt load of ideas (almost 100MB worth of bmp pics). Also had a talk with my resident 'Nid expert Arjan and tossed around a few ideas as well. So I'll TRY and run through these ideas..

Hive Tyrant aka Queen

- Thinking Ill be needing some of the old 3rd Ed Tyrant bits, namely the head, for her crown section. Another idea is to use the Zoanthrope head as well for the basis. The only DOWNSIDE is that both I believe have 'grinning' looks, which is ok, but Im not sure if I want a grinning Queen or a mouth open Queen with her inner mouth shooting out. Havent a clue how Im going to do the crown yet, as the 3rd ed Tyrant has a small crown. Hrmm, maybe I should invest in some thin plasticard and GS my own grown....

- An idea after browsing Warpshadow was to also use the carnifex as a base and then build up the Queen from that. Although the only downside is, the Carnifex body is rather 'chunky' and the Queen isnt exactly a 'beefy' character.

- Possible use of the Extended Carapace Biomorph for added protection.
- Extension of Crown using GS (using plasticard as a basis for crown).

Tyrant Guard aka Royal Guard

- Pretty straight forward, although I might try and do some minor conversions on these dudes (other than the head) so they look a tad bit different.

Warrior Brood aka Warrior Drones(?)

- Heh, still working on the naming convention >.< style="font-weight: bold;">

- Extended Carpace

Genestealers aka Soldier Drones(?)

- Once again, naming will be interesting... I had a look on Warpshadow and saw some interesting conversions, namely one that only utilized ONE set of arms (and not two). An interesting idea for sure, especially since I dont want to overload on the biomorphs for these guys.


- Extended Carapace (again!!)
- Scything Talons Biomorph

Hormagaunt Brood aka Worker Drones(?)

- Naming as always.. But it seems quite ok thus far. These dudes like the other stuff will get the head treatment. Probably thinking about doing up some stuff with their bases to give some added appearance and hopefully make them alot more terrifying.


- Toxin Sacs OR Adrenal Gland (I)....

Ripper Swarm aka Eggs, Face Huggers and Chest Bursters

- Nothing too difficult here, although alot of my ideas have come in for these guys. Eggs, are pretty self explanetory, although Id prefer not to be rolling out eggs from GS by hand, so Im trying to think of a suitable 'round' object that I can layer GS over. Also thinking about having the occasional egg that is some what translucent so you can see the face hugger inside.

- Face Huggers wise, two ideas thus far. One is an idea off from Hive Fleet Moloch, utilizing an adrenal gland with an added tail and legs (using random parts of weapons, and genestealer hands). Another idea, especially focusing on the 'sac' areas is to use on of the current bio-weapons (i know what it looks like, not sure WHAT it is, although after checking, I think its the barbed strangler). The only downside to this one is the sacs from the weapon looked rather large, so Id either use them to make a 'super face hugger' OR cut the sac in half (which didnt look too good) and then use that on perhaps an adrenal gland 'body'.

- Chest Bursters are easy.. use the Ripper body and flatten the chitin chrest and thats about it...

Ravener Brood aka ???

- Havent got an 'Alien' name for this brood yet, but the head idea applies for this set. Also considering using warriors to convert up these babies.

Carnifex aka ???

- HECK KNOWS what Ill be calling these dudes... Keeping the Carnifex options at a minimal (although I listed alot of biomorphs that suited). Since Rending claws are some what a mute point on a Monstrous Creature, any carnifex will be decked out with two pairs of scything talons, although the crushing claws IS tempting... May make these arms modular for the sake of argument. Otherwise, not alot of other stuff.. Adrenal Gland for WS, and the possibility of the mace or scythe tail. Although after watching Aliens and Aliens vs Predator, leaning towards the mace tail (but with a bladed end) since the Queen only really used her tail as a 'stabbing' weapon.


- Possible use of Extended Carapace


- Trying to keep biomorphs to a minium where I can, without being TOO basic... Obviously being Alien themed, I know these guys will be prone to being shot to hell, and I can understand that, so Im not trying to go improving saving throws too often, cos they just get shot up regardless.

- Basing wise Im looking at making it like a 'nest' base with the base being covered in random coils and stuff like a nest would look like, as well as try and apply that weird 'resin' look. Only downside is, my options arent too great for either the resin effect or mucous effect... One option is to use craft glue, but the consistency issue comes to mind. I thought about mixing it with liquid super glue, which MAY work.. On the super glue note, I could get like paste super glue and pray that works. Other options are also to use epoxy resin, but that could be more hassle than its worth. Was also thinking if there was a way to HARDEN KY Jelly (guessing mixing glue into it would work). Since KY Jelly was the primary substance to make the slime/drool effect in Aliens.


- I had a review of some of the weapons, at least the SM weapons and thinking about what other armies I go against and there isnt a BIG need to give the Extended Carpace Biomorph to Carnies and Tyrants due to a minimal amount of AP3 weaponry. Although there is a large amount of potential AP2 weaponry, going down to a 2+ save isnt any better than staying at a 3+. So Ill review the other armies (Necrons, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Chaos and Tau) to see what else needs to be done.

Thats about it for my 'Design Notes' for my 'Nid army. Any ideas/suggestions will be greatly appreciated and SOMEONE remind me to save this entry as a txt/doc file. Cos I would love to be able to easily access my notes, unlike my SoB notes which are buried in heck knows how many posts...


Saturday, December 17, 2005

7 more to go!! (Pics Galore Update)

Bah.. next time Im whacking ALL the pics into one huge ass pic cos it was NOT fun editing 4 odd posts just to get the pics into the right post... Anyway... Here are the latest pics of the 'Nid tests... Pics are still a lil iffy (alot better than the first batch of 6 though). Im guessing if I had alot better equipment (eg a lightbox) and wasnt working with such dark colors it wouldnt be too bad.. Since there are 4 pics, Ill do my lil 'rant' about each at the label.

Believe it or not, this is the 'rustic' looking 'Nid that had an inking of both black and flesh inks. The camera didnt pick up well on the effect, but you can see it in areas here and there. Guessing if my lighting was ALOT better and I wasnt relying on the camera flash, it could probably come out alot better. Otherwise, it aint a bad effect. Only downside is.. I think the pic muted out some of the 'chrome' effect, then again, maybe it didnt since the flash is catching on a few of the upper body surfaces. What will I do with this 'Nid? Not sure.. But I might keep this method of inking for brood differentiation or perhaps just for the occasional mini differentiation.Posted by Picasa

Well we all know this HAD to have been a Hormagaunt when it was in its fresh state, now its just the remains off. Anyway, this is the way Im looking at painting my 'Nids. The chrome effect is still there (might do a heavier drybrush and thinner inking). The highlights are with Cold Grey, and the talons and claws got a quick gunmetal (didnt want to highlight them too extremely, which is what Chainmail probably WOULD have done). Not sure if I wanted to wash over the highlights (which I did do on the Chitin areas, and followed up with a highlight of Stonewall grey). But otherwise, its looking quite nicely which leads us to the next picture........ Posted by Picasa

I think this pic was the best of all the pics and did the rear of the gaunt some good. You can see the highlights better on the chitin areas and some of the ribbed areas here and there. Instead of going a standard 'line' highlight on the chitin, I "tried" to use a more thin line effect, like how its demonstrated on some models in the 'Nid codex. I think it came out ok. Although, ugh, wishing the chrome look didnt get so washed out (bad pun-ish?), as it looks like basic black. Which isnt true when comparing a pure black mini versus a black inked mini as the chrome effect comes through.Posted by Picasa

This is the poor ass mini that got highlighted with Chainmail, which is probably WHY in all the pics its really showing the metal effect quite clearly (looks worse in r/l). Ill probably ink over this mini, do the grey highlights, pick out the claw and teeth with gunmetal (and MAYBE a very LIGHT highlight of chainmail on the very edges) and try some 'mucous' effects on it with craft glue (if I can ever find that WD issue that covered it, I think it was a Carnifex modelling article). Alternatively I could use a hot glue gun, but that could be a tad bit too much trouble for what I want. Posted by Picasa

So there it is folks... Next time Ill put the pics ALL together, or NOT take so many pics. I'll probably focus on the Former Hormagaunt test and the Termagant test and do comparison pics later on.


Friday, December 16, 2005

92nd Post....

Getting ever close to the 100th post!! In any case, this is a 'Nid update (yet again). Did some of the highlights etc on the minis and so far seen some good points and bad for some of them...

1. Black undercoat/Gunmetal Metal Drybrush/Black Ink/Chainmail highlights

BIG mistake on the chainmail highlights as that has diminished the dark metal effect I wanted. However, in the future ill probably only do additional metal highlights to areas like teeth, talons, tips of claws etc but the entire body can NOT be done in metal highlights. I guess its a good thing it is still in metal as I can recycle this mini by doing a black ink over it and taking it from there.

2. Black undercoat/Gunmetal Drybrush/Black Ink/Cold Grey Highlights/Thin Black Ink/Stonewall Grey Highlights

This one came out good, and I might continue this method to do some light highlights on the 'flesh' areas on the model (only did this on the chitin areas). So for future works, Ill probably do the cold grey highlights on the model itself (dry brush?), tone it down with an inking and then apply the stonewall grey highlights to the chitin areas. Talons, teeth etc will be done probably in the way I mentioned for method 1.

3. Black undercoat/Gunmetal Drybrush/Black Ink/Flesh Ink

Now this was just a simple play around with inks and in the end it gave a nice rustic/black chrome look which I quite like. Thinking about using this method to add a slight bit of variety to units.

Anyway, Ive still got one black undercoated 'Nid left and Ive just made two more 'Nids on sticks to probably do combinations of the above schemes and see how well they work together. After that, Ill be some what out of test 'Nids, however I THINK I have a 3rd Ed fresh Ravener somewhere, so I may find it useful as my first 'Nid model.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

91st Post....

As the title states, this is the 91st post for my blog. Will I see 100 by the end of the year? Will there be a fancy 100th post thing?? Who knows?!?!?!!!!

Anyway, did some work on the 'Nids (not painting wise) but notepad and pencil wise. Listed out all the biomorphs that would be useful for me to keep in line with my fluff etc. Listed out the units I would use (Hive Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, Warriors, Genestealers, Hormagaunts, Rippers, Raveners, Carnifex). Still deciding on the Genestealers though, but yeah that wasnt too bad a list to work with. Then I went through some options and did up a basic Hive Tyrant and Carnifex for about 100 pts... But yeah, its been fun and interesting thus far. The only issue that came up for me, so Im directing this question at Arjan is the biomorph 'Implant Attack'. It seems pretty handy, BUT when it comes to the second wound, is it ONLY for that single model, or do additional wounds infliced by implant attack get thrown around the unit?

Thats about it.. Might do that black wash in a lil while.. we'll see


Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Tyranid Picture Update

On a completely unrelated note, this will be my 90th Blog post. Im wondering if I can hit the big 100 come the end of the year?

Anyway, I took a pic of the heavily drybrushed 'nids and well, the picture is misleading (and not in a bad way). For some uncanny reason, they look better in the pic than they do in real (they look perhaps TOO dry brushed in real). So yeah, here we go. Im also going to try and do that funky lil thing that Tobias did on his blog, cos I think it looks cool (I hope I dont lose clickibility though). If i do, Ill change the link or something..

Ok, so I managed to do the picture thing, but I get the feeling it wont be clickable *sighs*.

If not, Ill change it at a later date I guess for something a tad bit more clickable. But yeah, that image is misleading as they REALLY dont look THAT good!! Sadly enough, these pics are going to be the way i want my 'nids and table wise, they wont look anything like it. So yeah, we'll see how things go.

Anyway, thats it for this post. After I get some work done tonight, if I can still get some strength in me, Ill do up the black ink/wash phase.


Tyranid Update!!

Heh, now there is a title I didnt think I would be using anytime soon. Anyway, of the four undercoated models, TWO have been just given a heavy dry brushing of gunmetal metal (vallejo) or for you primary citadel users thats boltgun metal. So far its looking good, although after this, I dont think i ever want to do a Necron army. Funnily enough, I think this is the first time that my gunmetal actually came out in a decent consistency (shame I was only doing a heavy dry brush). But yeah, so far I am happy with how they are turning out. The next stage on both will be the black wash to dull down the metal, and for some insane reason I suddenly want to try a model with a light black wash AND flesh/brown wash. Hrmm, now I know why I made 4 'Nids on a stick. Hopefully ill get the black wash done tomorrow and from there, each 'nid will go down its own line of 'evolution'.

One 'Nid will receive a mithril-like (perhaps even chainmail) highlight and that will be it for the mini. I have a sneaking suspiscion it wont look as well as it sounds, but we'll see (also depends how well the black inking/washing works).

The second 'Nid will go down a more grey-based highlighting, particularly on the armor plating (chitin I believe is the more technical term), leaving the more 'fleshy' areas to remain in their gunmetal state.

Once both are done, the Chitin areas (at a minimum) will receive a varnish coat and we'll see how the others go.

But thats about it. Sadly enough, if I actually had converted nid parts ready, this could be the FASTED army I have painted in the 6 odd years I have been in this hobby.

Anyway, I need some zZzZz's since my biological clock has been inversed (?) or is it reversed? I lean towards inversed.. But yeah.. Sleep time now, hopefully ill get the ink/wash done tomorrow and I may have designed another scheme or two pending the progress of the current two.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Combi Post (With Images!)

As I said earlier I was going to get pics, so HERE THEY ARE!! Both are fairly explanetory, but as always Ill do a run down....

First image is the random Tyranid bits that Ill be using for my color tests. Still thinking about whats going to happen post black undercoat, but prepared 4 models, so Im hoping they will be sufficient.

The second pic is the body wise completed sister (and a pretty decent pic as well). Im glad I took pics in stages as the pic for the Black vs Red arguement can begin anew. Actually the red didnt come out too badly to be honest, although a slight change in future paint applications will be nice to get a bit more 'depth' into it. Otherwise, Im quite happy with the result. Plus the flash didnt overdo the image either, was quite 'perfect' unlike the 'nid picture which is still fuzzy in some areas. Just need to finish up the backpack and that will be the first test mini done for the Sisters (and first completed mini).

That pretty much wraps this one up!


Friday, December 09, 2005

Update ye say!??!?!

Yes, I am alive and yes, I do on the rare occasion update things.... That and the last entry had 21 replies, so I thought I would start a new 'thread'.

Anyway, I finally did that paint concept again and started on the red robes for my Sister, and well, thus far the one thing I have learn is 1. Dont paint the whole damn thing until you cant see some of those 'recesses' on the front of the robe. Otherwise its turning out ok, although the highlights I am CERTAIN wont turn out too fantastic on camera, but they look ok thus far. Need one more highlight and that will be done and all Ill have to do is touch up the lil Ecclesiarchy symbol on the robe, do the links and that will be the body part done (havent even TOUCHED the packback yet).

I also prep'd up some 'Nids for my future Alien themed army. Got 4 models prep'd up and just glued either sprue or a cocktail stick to them, stuck them on a base and that was it. For some reason the cocktail 'Nid is some what amusing, but I think that is just me.

I'll aim to get some pics done tomorrow and take it from there really. Just bare in mind the 'Nids wont be undercoated, since I want to give the glue some time to really bond tight (I don't want to have a random gant/gaunt falling off its (reminds me of that TSOLAR strip about the gargoyles).

So thats about it for this round, hopefully there will be a small update tomorrow.