Friday, September 30, 2005

Did a lil bit of painting...

Went back to the SoB color test, and suffice to say, I'm dropping the blue concept completely. Tried a few more blue colors and it isnt doing what I want really, so Im going to drop the concept. Although, I must admit, I like the new darker blue for the Ultramarines, as I did try a UM Blue color and yeah, I dont see how they managed to use that blue for so long. So I can safely say, Im using the light grey for the armor, I just need to figure out what color I am using for the robes (Light Red vs Dark Red or Other). Now I need to find a random mini that has some robed areas so I can do some paint trials on that.

Was going to do some 'Nid trials as well, but the bits and pieces of Gaunts that I have arent very useful since I cant even put them onto a base!! Then again, they are from a random 'Nid bits box I bought off ebay, so what can one expect I guess. Not sure whats going to happen there, but I may have to try something semi elaborate eg Pin it to the base and then try that. Not sure how Im going to achive the metal look, I have a few ideas, but Id like to see how they work out first before actually trying them.

Touched a few Hunters as well, and oh boy, gonna need a wee bit of time for My black lining technique to come back. Wasnt too crash hot on some areas, but I havent done it in a few months, so its fair enough. I'll see how things go, I may/may not have anything finished by the end of the week (doubt I will) but I'll keep at it.

Otherwise, thats about it for this entry. Nice to see my blog getting activity again for sure. May even try and do monthly goals again to get me semi encouraged to paint more etc.

Thought Id do a small edit to this post rather than starting a new one. Anyone got any ideas of what would go well with grey armor for robes? Im already thinking of red in mind, and maybe even black, although Id prefer to get off the both of these since the Sisters already have several Orders with red or black robes. Yellow/orange was a suggested color, but Im not a fan of those colors to be honest. Any ideas WOULD be nice.


Thursday, September 29, 2005


It is a pain in the backside when you take a break, come back to the hobby, and then, of all things, to be confused at what you were doing. Thank GOODNESS I made the blog!! Going to go do some constructive work in a tick, not sure what exactly, but it will be SOMETHING constructive to say the least. I might try to finish the SoB color test or work on my hunters, not sure which.

I printed out pics of the finished EC marines I did so I can do some quick sketches/drawings of the next revision, should be interesting and when they are finished, I'll scan the images and put them up on the blog, so everyone can see my crazy thoughts. So each page will be full of all sorts of ideas, scribbles etc.

In other blog related news, Ive turned on the word verification, that way, no more unwanted spam. Of course, it means there is another step to the replying process, so sorry for that, but Ive seen enough spam come through my blog as it is. Plus its useless comments anyway, so why bother.

Thats about it really, I may post later on depending if I do any constructive while at the painting desk etc.


Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Minor Pic Update

As promised, here is a pic update. I would have uploaded the pic to My blog, but it wouldnt let Me, so I just put it onto photobucket. The painting wasnt too bad, they havent been touched since however. The base in the front however is "complete" (except the actual snow parts). The rear Grey Hunters are all at various stages here and there, with another 4 undercoated and at various stages.

Enjoy the pic. I might do another pic update in the next few days, as I wanna start on the concept art for the V2 incarnation of My EC marines.

Paint in Progress Grey Hunters


Monday, September 26, 2005

Another Minor Update

The clean up started yesterday, so My chair for My desk is clear of the pile high of 40K books and what nots. Of course I looked at My shelf with WDs, Codicies and what not and realised it needs to move, as its making the shelf sag. So I'll have to find a way around that in some stage and time. the only thing about moving it is that I like where they are as its convenient (only a turn away from My painting desk). So decisions, decisions indeed.

I have returned to, B&C and the AotL forum boards and good grief, I didnt bother to read half the posts as there were TOO many...... I about blew My brains out looking through the forums. But I am back nonetheless.

As for a pic update, if I have time tonight and remember to, Ill get a few snaps of the SW minis I was working on til I stopped.

Thats about it, check back in and I'll see if I have a pic update.


Friday, September 23, 2005

Bit of an Update

Thought I would make a quick update on things (plus I'm at "work" atm, and cant be stuffed doing anything else right at this very moment).

Still been a while since I last picked up a brush, but that happens I guess, but I havent been dead from the hobby. Finished reading the last Inquisitor War Trilogy book - Chaos Child last week, and well, I found it a tad bit disappointing really. The first two books had sufficient momentum to keep going and the build up was great, but come the final book, things started to get a lil boring. Started reading Space Wolf this week though, and so far, its been very interesting, although the novel is mainly based about the beginnings of Ragnar (from what I can tell, and Ive read up to over half the book already) it has been very interesting and attention grabbing. This weekend, Im going to TRY and clean up the 40K section of My room a bit, get those stacks of WDs, Codicies and what not off My chair and put them into My shelf, which I KNOW cant handle that stack, which means I need a new shelf of sorts. So I suspect this weekend will bring a bit of re-arrangements to My room (yet again). I'll TRY and get something done, but I doubt it, although after seeing a Showcase Word Bearers army in WD, Im tempted to start re-designing some of My EC marines (especially since I found out how BETTER I am at modelling and painting with My Wolves). Alas, see how time goes, if anything, I may go through the bits box again and get bits and pieces out again.

Otherwise, thats about it as always. Although, Tobias, any idea when the BT codex comes out? I'd imagine the next few months, as I havent seen it as a Pre-Release in WD yet.