Saturday, March 17, 2007

Haul Update

Once again, I thought I would post what happened at the LGS (although I am still working on my AotL, so fear not, work is occuring).

Anyway, picked up some more of my gear like the DA Command Squad, MotRW model as well as another box of DA Vets. Also managed to pick up Flight of the Eisenstein (dang, now i just need to get a copy of Galaxy in Flames) as well as No Quarter #11 (to fulfill my WM needs) as well as the Rulebook for Confrontation (gah, i know, miniatures are like crack to me, i just need more!!). Been very happy with the DA stuff as of late (and as i said in the LGS, the models have been the only saving grace for the DA, as the codex is still really weird). Been looking through the codex trying to get an army list set up and I'm like, gah, it feels so butchered! Then again, if i really sat down with pen and paper and write up a list, i should be ok. Debating if I want to get another DA Command Box (the parts will help if i ever do a RW or DW command squad, since i can use the bits and pieces from that). I know ill get one in the Battleforce so it isnt too bad. I still have each battleforce on hold, and i even put Tactica Imperialis and some MtG stuff on "hold" as well (I think the store knows me well enough to know that i WILL come and collect and didn't even 'force' me into a lay-by scenario and just said, yeah, we'll put it all out back and you can collect when you are able to, which me being me, won't be too long at all).

The NQ issue was good as always (especially compared to that crap that is called White Dwarf). The preview for Evolution was great and it was nice to see some of the stuff for one of the new warlocks for each faction and a preview for a new unit for each faction as well. Suffice to say i like being Everblight thats for sure.

So as for the rest of tonight, I guess ill spend it playing around with more sprues, might even try to get some of these other sprues cleaned up and what have you not so i can start sorting through them and putting them away and working on them. Plus it would be nice to get this Army box that is next to me, well not so next to me. Might also take a picture of the last AotL i tried to robe up as there was actually a bit of a pause between the last picture and what he looks like now.

That aside, that is pretty much it, I'm sure i'll do some rants about 40K/WM/Confrontation in the next few days for sure.


Saturday, March 10, 2007

Very small and minor Update

Just a very small and minor update (since work has been taking alot of my time etc etc).

I have been slowly and progressively cleaning up some Marine models to use as AotL (I hate de-mold lining minis, but good lord) and so far have 5 to work with. I will probably GS robe them and maybe use some components from the Chaos marines (mainly arms) to give them a more 'darker' look (since Chaos arms are quite nice with their lil fancy trim arms). Still debating how I am going to go about squads now though, since the robe look is the new 'in-thing' I'm debating if i want to robe up everyone, or keep some folk in regular non-robe PA and just try to flesh them out to make them more in theme with the whole squad. Or i just might go robe crazy, whichever one happens first, although i might take a queue from the Black Templars and do a tabbard (I've seen some DA art work with them having a tabbard) just to keep the cloth look in.

I can also happily state I now own the 4th Ed DA codex (it isn't too bad, but it could go either way really). I also have one box of DA Vets and the Army box (which was pretty cool, all they did was stick the relevant box sets in and the new DA/RW frames). The Ltd Company Master model ain't too bad and I'm also happy for the Librarian model i got (was the only one of the three i actually liked).

So next week will be the DA + RW battleforces, the DA Command Squad and the Master of the Ravenwing (on Jetbike). After that, my GW purchases will hit their low until the next army release that I am after (or if i find out that DA stuff is all splash only, in which case, i might spend a bit more to get some extra stuff).

Other than that, fairly happy with everything. Hopefully later this weekend I'll do some more work, although we'll see how things go.