Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Did a LIL bit of work again.

Wasnt anything too major. Just did a few touch ups of black here and there and played around with a thousand son mini (bits wise). I could have done some more painting, but my hands were feeling a bit shaky, so i thought id just do some modelling work.

Cerebalos has "challenged" me to a Thousand Sons painting competition. Basically its a Rubric vs Rubric contest and to see who has the better painting abilities. I suspect he will win, but who knows. He's already said its supposed to be a 'straight from the box' rubric, so im a lil muffed as i was hoping to convert my Sons slightly. They wont be major conversions, compared to say my Wolves or Emperor's Children, just the filing off of a few chaos icons here and there, reposition some legs and that be about it. Still debating what type of base i want for my Sons as well. I know for my Angels of the Lion, im going the 'traditional' green base, my Wolves have a snow base and my Sisters will have a tiled base. Im thinking an ash waste base for my Sons, but im not sure what ill do for my Emperor's Children.

Guess that leaves things there for the time being.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Wow, I did some painting!

Before i forget - Tobias, on the main login screen for blogger, in the area that says Username and password stuff, above the password box there is a lil '?' for "forgot pw" i assume (given what the link said). You might want to try it out ;-)

So back to the painting front, slapped on some Sombre Grey coats onto a few pairs of arms and a set of legs, so things are going back to normal again. Stuck that backpack piece to a grey hunter, so all that needs finishing is his arm/bolter piece, his right shoulder pad and his eyes. I doubt ill be able to finish him in the next few days, but we'll see how things go. I was tempted to work on my third Sisters of Battle color test, but ill leave that for the time being.

So thats the good news =)


Thursday, May 19, 2005

I've taken up the Brush once more!

Sure, it was only for about 5 mins, but ive gone back to painting again! Feels weird painting again after my lil time off, but im sure ill get back into the swing of things in no time. Didnt do alot, just patched up a grey hunters back pack and that was it. I would have done a bit more, but i need to get my facts straight again. Not sure if i want to take a break from the painting (again) and go back to modelling a bit, or try and paint. Either way, i am BACK in business!

I need to go back over some old posts, particularly ones around when i started my Thousand Sons and Sister of Battle color tests, as im not sure what paints i used. I have a faint idea, but i want to reconfirm things, as i believe i have bought new paints since.

I'll see what i can do about pictures, might get one up later this weekend as things will settle down a bit.


Tuesday, May 17, 2005

May seems to be a Maintenance Month....

The good news is my chair is back to being that... a chair! Sorted out my boxes and everything so they are neatly shelved away after i made some space for them. However i wish i had a smaller box for the Rhino from the Space Wolves Battleforce, as that box takes up ALOT of space. None the less, the chair is back, my boxes are shelved away and in easy access when i need them, so all i need to do now is fix up the painting table again and ill be back in business. Ill try and finalise that tonight, that way i can paint and work on my thesis between stages, thus in theory it can keep my brain relatively active, yet at the same time give me something to do when i need a break that is still mentally stimulating.

Had a look through my Emperor's Children bits box and i think i still have enough bits of everything to do version 2 incarnations of my previous completed squads. Its a shame in some cases as some of the older models looked VERY nice. However, in light of my abilities to convert models, i will go back and do them the way they SHOULD have been done. Although the conversions wont be overly extensive, there wont be alot of this "i glued everything together" look about them. Do leg repositionings here and there, arms etc, however i will be using the exact same pieces as i used in the previous models, so here is hoping not only will they look better converted, the paintjob will look ALOT nicer as well.

Thats about this post done with, as i said, May has been more of a maintenance month more than anything else.


Friday, May 13, 2005

Still working on space issues

About 99% of my stuff is now back in my room, with the actual desk looking more set up than anything else. Still have some stuff to do here and there on the desk, but at least everything is there. The interesting thing is, i STILL need to get all those boxes sorted out, as they are right smack on my chair for the work station. Sure, i can easily pull up my other chair, but its still a 4' tower worth of boxes i still need to move (and still keep them sorted by armies). I would slip them into my shelves, alas, my shelves dont exactly have the room to spare in the first case! I have a few ideas here and there, but i'll need time to carry them out.

Also for some weird ass reason, im getting a calling to go BACK to my Emperor's Children army, go figure... Fortunately its more of a modelling thing than painting, as i do recall quite clearly how annoying those damn trims were!

I miss the dining table, back then i HAD space!


Sunday, May 08, 2005

The Great Exodus has begun!!

As the title suggests, ive started moving ALL my 40K related materials OFF the dining table and back into my room. Suffice to say, when i stack all the boxes/bits boxes together, it makes for one rather large tower. If it was all one army, i would so cringe, however since its 5-6 it isnt too bad. Ive also placed my larger mini tower into my lil painting station, so it goes well. All i need to do is give the other side a bit of a clean so i can get my lamp and other mini tower to the other side. As for the actual boxes, heck knows where i am putting them. Had i more shelf space, id probably slip them in there, alas that is FAR from the case. I've already got one shelf full with my BL stuff, WDs and other 40K stuff.

Didnt snap a pic today, so i may try again tomorrow. Could snap one later tonight if im really up to it, so wait and see i guess.

Otherwise, thats about it, slowly getting back into the 40K thing again so hopefully by the end of the week ill be back to my hour per day painting routine.


Saturday, May 07, 2005

I'm still alive ^_^


Yeah, I am still alive and kicking, not really motivated as of late (possibly linked to that big green book, called my thesis). None the less, it is now May and ugh, here comes the "monthly" goals, which, not surprisingly have been with me for the past 6 months already.

I actually had a peak at my minis earlier today, i miss painting them (oddly enough) alot of them are looking quite nice. If i can be unlazy enough tomorrow, ill take a pic of what i think is worthy and post the pic.

Goal wise:

- Finish FOUR more Grey Hunters (Yeah, not aiming that high)
- Complete my 3rd Sisters of Battle Color test
- Complete my Thousand Sons color test

It isnt THAT bad a list, and i will be moving my paint set up within the next few days, so that will help facilitate painting as the painting desk will only be app 7 feet behind me. Of course the downside is moving like 5 armies worth of boxes into a smaller area is not going to be easy at all.

In more happier news, i got my box of Sisters Repentia the other week (for about $20 cheaper than buying them from GW, thank Ebay).

So thats me for this post, ill see what i can do about that pic for everyone since its been a while since ive gone anything.