Sunday, March 15, 2009

1-1-1-1 Primal Composition

Nay, i haven't stopped painting, but the updates have declined slightly, but i AM still painting! The Shredder from the previous post is done (Ie, his basing is done, minus the flocking). More work has been done on the IH and two WB guys as well, so progress is moving along. I also started cleaning up Thagrosh due to the 1-1-1-1 Army Composition concept.

Side note, I got my Limited Edition SEH!!! (Soulless Elven Hooker) aka Eiryss (yeah SEH is a common name for her) from PP and i picked up Epic Thagrosh (Which has somewhat caused the need to paint up every Thaggy model i own).

Anyway, i thought i would do the 1-1-1-1 comp for some of my armies, and since I'm on an everblight rush, i thought i'd do that. So the 1-1-1-1 is basically a single choice of each model type (Warlock, Warbeast, Unit, Solo). For Everblight, for me, I have chosen Thagrosh as my 'lock (also, I'm ONLY using Primal at this point in time, so no fancy Evolution of Metamorphisis models just yet). For my Warbeast I'm gonig the Carnivean, since it's the only heavy warbeast the Legion have, and since it's a restrained army, i figured i'd better take the best. Unit wise i'm probably thinking of Warmongers since they are going to be pretty durable, but this MAY change. Only reason why i've gone them thus far is because i have the actual models. The solo choice will have to be a Forsaken (only solo we have in Primal) however i don't have the model yet!

Still haven't had a chance to sit down and calculate points, as i'd still like it to be roughly around 350, so that may mean i'll have to take 3 Warmongers only instead of a full squad of 5.

Now i expect this lil plan of mine will probably take the next 10 thousand years to do, but eh, we'll see. I will be making an attempt to paint both Thags and eThags at the same time, so yeah, there will be something interesting. I also want to get rid of my Angelius before i start up on the Carnivean, so yeah, this may take a while, on top of painting everything else that strikes my fancy (at least i'm never bored!)

So that's basically the plan atm, figured i'd get this out in the air now before people thought i was slacking off again....



Arjan said...

posting won't let us think you're not slacking off ofcourse ;)

I don't know shit about army compositions in any of those PP games. But I do know it shóuld be possible for you to get an army up and playable.

On the other're posting more than me..but that's mainly because I still haven't got my cam back *damnit!*.

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Lol, if all goes to plan, i have like most of April off, so i suspect much work shall be done!

Well, army comp for PP games isn't too bad, as long as you have a War Caster/Lock you are fine. The rest of the army is totally up to you. I did the maths and if i remember, all the points for my Legion 1-1-1-1 all fit within 350 pts (which is the first point tier for a game).

I am indeed posting more than you :P Although where IS your cam?


Arjan said...

a friend borrowed my cam for the Noorderspel event and he forgot to bring it with him 1 or 2 times.
But it's back! which means..there'll be updates :)

Although..a 40K update might have to wait till I finish my next genestealer me thinks *hmm or I could take a pic or 2 from my 'new' termagants.

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Lol, who cares, a 40K update is a good update! I need to try and do an update of something soon too.

Maybe end of the week if i can muster the strength and what not...