Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Bolter and Chainsword Call Projects

So apparently, I've gone and done the following:

"Gods of Chaos hear my call!

I The Angelus Sanctus hereby pledge my soul, my allegiance and that of my troops', to Chaos Eternal.

I promise you that I will paint (to completion) 2 Items of Word Bearers (1x Min Sized Terminators. 1x Min Sized CSM Squad) - within the space of 3 months.
I also promise to provide my fellow Chaos Chaos players with an update, at least twice per month.

The Angelus Sanctus


"Immortal Emperor of Man-Kind, Hear my Call!

I The Angelus Sanctus hearby pledge my body and soul, my faith and that of my troops', to you, Emperor of Man.

I promise to you, that I will paint (to completion) 3 Items of Blood Ravens/Raven Guard/Iron Hands (1 minimum sized Tactical Squad for each Chapter) - within the space of 3 months.
I also promise to provide my fellow brothers and sisters in arms with a project update, at least twice a month.

The Angelus Sanctus

So what does this mean? Some interesting times ahead for the next three months. So essentially i'll be working on 5 Blood Ravens; 5 Raven Guard; 5 Iron Hands and 8 Word Bearers (5 CSM and 3 Terminators). Odd collection if you ask me, plus, it's also weird how it's all just black and red... General theory suggests that I should be able to do this, since for 10 of the models, once the undercoat is on, that's half the work done already!

Next monday (April 13th) the Calls formally start, so this should be good!

Other news: Field Test of Warmachine MK II has come out and suffice to say I'm still mixed emotions about it, although not as 'doom and gloom' as i swear some folks have been on the PP forums. Granted, things were changed, but some of the way people are presenting their doom and gloom doesn't feel like it's in the best way. Sure, there are plenty of Cryx things that happened that I don't agree with (Poor, poor Cankerworm for a start!), but they don't seem too bad, and usually i end up reading/hearing something about a point in another way that makes me think, hey, that's an interesting way of seeing it.

In any case, next week, hopefully should see some nice updates and HOPEFULLY I'll remember about adding in height and width bits into photobucket links here so they can all fix nicely.



Arjan said...

General theory also suggests that it's quite impossible to pledge allegiance to Chaos ánd to the Emperor of man. But who cares long as there's biomatter to feed upon.

As for PP: there'll always be people who try and spread doom & gloom because they'll have to change they way in which they play. I've adapted to 5th ed 40K for like 90% now..there are still some small kinks..but we'll deal with it.

I'm looking forward to the pics.

Aside from my carshow update there's gonna be a 40K update..I think before the weekend! Be on the lookout for a genestealer mutant..yes a real mutant, the photo('s) will explain.

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Y'know I was wondering when you would finally do a 40K related update on your blog :P

I think we only had maybe a dozen tops of Dual Sign-ups for Imperial and Chaos, but hey, in the end it's a good thing since it gets more work done (and we do live in an era when everyone plays almost every Codex available.

The PP stuff isn't too bad. I read some more stuff last night and I quite liked what i saw. I think I also have the benefit that since I haven't had a chance to really play WM or Hordes frequently, my mind isn't locked into a particular set of thinking.