Sunday, April 20, 2008

Short Pic Update...

Just a quick update of what is going on from the last post (although both bases now have been coated in the black lava stuff).

The Shredder is pretty much now ready to go in terms of full undercoating and paint work. Denny's base on the other hand, is ready for the undercoat stage and then the fickle base detail work before i can slip her in. Since i have sunk the base, Denny will be the first model i have ever tried giving a scenic base to, so we'll see how that works out. Hopefully by the end of the week i'll have the base details completed and Denny happily inserted into her base. Fortunately for me, i only have 2 days of work this week (the rest of the week is day off aka "annual leave"; rostered day off, public holiday, saturday, sunday).

Anyway, here are the pics, and stop y0 bitching Eryx :P


Saturday, April 19, 2008

Fear not!! Progress still continues!

And I bet you guys were thinking, and Chris has stopped posting for a few days again, guess we won't see an update for 6 months eh? Have been a bit "busy" (busy meaning i've been playing WoW a-lot). What can i say? I am hell bent on getting at least one char to Lv70 prior to the release of Wrath of the Lich King (and I am trying to catch up to the Guild Mastah of my Alliance Guild!)

Nonetheless, progress was made on the base for Denny, and i can safely say, sinking it wasn't too bad. All that i need to do for that base is to just do the black lava step, paint the base details and Denny can be placed into her new 'throne' (this is the main step hindering further work on Gaspy and Denny since i want to get Denny to catch up to Gaspy). I also cleaned up and based a Shredder (aka 'land shark') for my Everblight army (as my first mini to do my actual color test on). Putting the model together wasn't too bad, and the GS work was rather minimal (although the next ones i'm going to put an even SMALLER blob of GS into the hip joint so i dont need to play around too much with cleaning it up after putting the legs on). Painting it shouldnt be too difficult as alot of the detail hasn't been obscured by putting it on the base (in fact it seems to have elevated it slightly, so it feels easier).

Not sure if ill get any painting done this weekend, but we will see. I do hope to get the black lava step done for both minis though (i should probably also start drilling into the shredder's foot so i can stick it to the base too). Otherwise, i will TRY to take a break from WoW early next week and get some new pics done.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

D&A Progress Update.

More Text!! But that's ok, I'll get a pic up in the next day or two to make up for it.

So, status update:

- Denny's arm (the one that isn't attached to her body) has been now inked in purple. So far, so good. Hopefully her arm will be done in the next DAY or so, since i haven't done much work to those areas, and well, its hard to highlight a colored metallic color. However we will see, although given some of the detail on her arm, i'm hesitant at doing anything else on it, in the event i should screw something up. Hopefully i'll get the bottom half of her spear done as well, so when the main body is done, i can glue the arm on and then finish off the top section of the spear, since it shouldn't get in the way of anything (given the rough "stuck" together concept i did way back last year).

- On the topic of Denny still, she has now received her blue ink phase. So far, so good and boy does she look like one menacing model. This is a good sign of course, since i wasn't sure how a colored metal concept was going to work, let alone if it would still maintain some of the characteristics of the army and feel with it. Suffice to say, it has been a success, thus far.

- On the topic of 'theme' (everything seems to be rolling into each other today). I went back and did some of the metal work for Gaspy. What color did i go with you ask? TIN! Reason being, i didn't want an overly bright color as his metal components (i was thinking bronze initially, but it actually looks a tad bit bright...) Thus far, its looking really good, so Gaspy has that dark feel about him, without being too dark. I'll probably give those sections a rough highlight in like copper perhaps, just to make them stand out a bit more, but otherwise, it looks like the tin will stay. This will probably also be the case for Denny as well.

Things to do for tomorrow:

- Blue ink to Denny's arm.
- With Denny's body now complete, it's time to do some black touch up and start doing her random DETAILED fiddly bits. I also really need to sit down and sort out her base, since i want that done before i move to doing her robe highlights.
- Finish doing the Tin sections on Gaspy.
- Take pictures

Not a bad list, fairly simple, but to the point. Of course this is assuming i don't nap most of my tomorrow away. I'm thinking after i come home from work, I'll play WoW for a bit to keep me awake, have dinner, PAINT, and then organise stuff for the following work day and that should be everything accomplished for one day, at least, i hope so.


Written stuff about the 'D&A"

So i gave things a bit more thought and went back and decided that to hell with the non-metal sections of Gaspy, lets make EVERYTHING metal!! I had my wonderful 'PP sponsor' aka the foul citizen that got me hooked into PP :P have a look at the pics and he thought that going the bronze look for other areas was a good idea, so i thought, yeah, to heck with the non-metal looks, lets go back and do this properly. Plus i rationalised this in my brain thinking, this is the Iron Kingdoms... Steam Powered Combat.... ASPHYXIOUS IS A FREAKING IRON LICH!!!! So yeah, went back over the non metal bits that i had done the other day with black, so later on i'll probably hit them up with the bronze, as well as get started on the rest of Gaspy's bronze areas.

I also started slapping on the black onto Denny's arm, since that will actually be quite easy to do, especially her actual arm which is a case of slap on black, slap on metal, slap on inks, voila!! I still need to figure out what to do with Denny's base as i want to get the model plopped onto the base asap, since it will make painting easier than what it is currently (since i have learned from Gaspy, that yes, i can paint whilst the model is on its base).

So hopefully by the end of tonight i will have the bronze coat done on Gaspy for where it is needed, get the metal work done on Denny's arm, blue ink her main body and assuming i do all this in a decent order, hopefully get the purple ink done onto her arm (which i guess means, first thing i paint will be her arm to allow for drying times etc etc). Other than that, things are going well thus far. The fact I have painted this much, in what seems to be a week or two is unbelievable.

I also have some FW models that i can do some color tests on as well, although some of the models were really hard to strip the paint off, not sure why either. I know usually a few hours of being dunked in brake fluid, the paint just peels off with ease, but some of the models, well suffice to say, i have NO IDEA what the dude painted them in. Fortunately these are only paint tests, so its fine.

I've also been looking at my Thousand Sons Aspiring Sorcerer and i still feel quite annoyed at the robes. I may possibly go back and redo those to a more acceptable level, as i am NOT thrilled with them. Plus i did an "ok" job and doing mixing for Gaspy, so, I guess i could go back and try to mix up some paint for the Sorcerer's robes and try and make them more blended i guess.

Anyway, thats me done for this lil textual spot. Not sure if i will have pics of Denny and Gaspy tonight, but i suspect in the next day or two there will be images!


Saturday, April 12, 2008

The 'D&A' Continued....

I seriously don't think I have painted THIS much in YEARS!! Let alone TWO models at once!! Nonetheless, further progress has been made on Deneghra and Asphyxious. I'll let the pics speak for themselves, although I will highlight some of the areas I'm not happy with.

- Highlights on Asphyxious' robe. COULD have been better, but probably could have been worse. I actually DID do some mixing to get some mid grey-black tones before using the pure grey. Whether they show up or not, we'll see. I mean they don't look TOO bad, but i might have to alter my technique when i do Denny's robe.

- Denny's Metal bits. I don't know why i'm not happy with it, I'm just feeling a bit 'iffy' about it. Although her flesh looks ok, which is GOOD and i did manage to make a bit of a mouth for her with all the paint coating her face.

- Non-Metal areas on Gaspy. I was thinking that to try and break up the metal areas i'd do some flat paint here and there. It's ok, but i can say it isn't very forgiving (which is why i took my time inking Denny since i didn't want ink splatter on her skin areas). Sure they aren't finished yet, i still got a bit of a highlight or two to go, but eh, maybe i should have gone the bronze that i'm going to use for his remaining metal sections (since I'm avoiding gold since i want a more beaten and worn look).

Anyway, that's pretty much my general nit pics, otherwise, they don't too bad for my skill levels (and i swear they do feel more detailed than GW minis, so it is a bit of a leap for me). Will admit, when i looked at them in photoshop, they do both have a bit of a menacing look about them which is a GOOD sign!

So here are the pics!


Tuesday, April 08, 2008

A 'D' and 'A'

No a D&A isn't a Dark Angels viewing i'm afraid :P Although some of that MAY occur in the near future *nods*.

More pics of Deneghra and Asphyxious actually! Yeah I know, i'm going crazy on the painting, it's really weird. And oddly enough, it's helped to work out some of that kink in my neck/shoulder that has been bothering me all day.

Anyway, less babble today and more pics! Although why Gaspy's skull looks yellow-ish, I don't know but it was painting in 'Plague Brown' (one of my favourite colors since my AotL Terminator Robe incident).

Also nice to see how the purple/blue tint is now coming through in his armor. Not sure when Denny will get the same treatment as i might want to work on her skin before then (well whats left of it). I'm also thinking i should really try to work on her base so i can actually GLUE her to something versus having her floating around on the lil model holder, since i can manage to paint fairly ok given Gaspy has been glued to his base (which is coming out quite nicely). I also really want to re-develop my painting station since i've got like paints from 4 different ranges and it's hard to figure out what i have when they are in containers.

Anyway, as i said, less banter, more pic display today.


Monday, April 07, 2008

Asphyxious Progress (Now with Pics)...

As "promised" here are the current paint in progress pics of Asphyxious. The pics are so-so (probably not helped since most of the model is still fairly dark looking, although once i get the head done, and do some BRIGHTER metals, i suspect that will make things easier to look at). I have also done the 'blue ink' step (so now he looks like a 2nd ed Genestealer, just in the metallic variety). I've also started dry brushing his base to start getting a tad bit of color into that too, but i suspect overall he will be a rather 'dark' looking mini. Naturally he looks great up close and personal, but alas, pictures will have to do. No idea what i'll be doing tomorrow, might try and lay down some of the silver metal since his armor is supposed to the the hybrid purple-blue look, whilst some of his mechanika is still largely a silver finish.

I also did some more metal work on Denny (no pics included) and my goodness, what may LOOK easy, isn't necessarily EASY to do. So i suspect Denny will not live up to expectation (especinally given the conversion work into her) whilst Asphyxious will probably be a lot better than expected.

Anyway, less banter, here are the pics.


Sunday, April 06, 2008

Asphyxious Progress...

Believe it or not, this is probably one of the "fastest" models i have painted in a long time. Been doing a fair few ink steps the last few days (still have the blue ink step to go before i can go back to random painting again). Nonetheless, i can confirm that he is far from the GS and Pewter look from before. Hopefully tomorrow i'll try and get a happy snap of him before doing the blue ink step (assuming i have time). Heck, i was looking at my Denny model and thought, hmm, maybe i should touch up the skin areas, do the silver sections and yeah, get her to catch up *ponders*. I may do this tomorrow, not sure just yet, plus i need to remember what the heck i was doing with her base. I think i was going to go a more swampy type of feel to it, compared to Gasphy's rock base.

Hopefully come the end of the week, the ink stages will be done on Gasphy, so i can try and finish up his main body segment before going to work on his arms, which shouldn't take too long, since majority of them will be done in the ink stages.

Until next time!