Sunday, May 30, 2010


*blows off all the dust that has accumulated in the past ONE YEAR !!!!*

After having browsed Arjan's blog the other day and noticed that he is still happily tinkering away, I figured I should pop back into mine. Naturally when I did, I had a nice rude shock when I noticed the LAST post that was done here was back in April 2009 (which is scary as it's almost June 2010). Alas, I feel justified in having that Phases statement in my blog info, heh.

Can't say a lot has happened in one year, as nothing really much has. I haven't painted a single model in ages, so it makes me wonder if I still remember even HOW to paint! Still picking up the odd GW item, a few PP items and also managed to acquire some Malifaux along the way too.

However, before I get rotten tomatoes hurled at me for in-activity, I havent been idle the whole time!

Last few months I have been able to re-new my 'passion' in the whole Gunpla area as we have one really nice stockist here and the owner really knows how to treat her customer's well. I've managed to put a few kits together, with a whole heap of kits ranging from SD to MG waiting to be assembled. I will admit, Gunpla isn't so bad in that I dont feel bad when the final product hasn't been painted. Sure, some kits would look a lot better, but I find that the whole assembly process is quite relaxing and gratifying. So in the next few days (maybe), I might update the blog's theme to include things like Malifaux and Gunpla since that is becoming my new direction of sorts.

Plus in theory, the blog will become more active again since I'm usually doing some form of Gunpla work every few days (versus painting a black undercoat every 6 months...)

So stay tuned! There just might be a nice re-vamp yet!!



Arjan said...

Good to see you're back :)
Wtf is gunpla?

Have a look over at Italktoomuch, it's a non-comment blog from a friend of mine who has done a crap load of painting lately. GW stuff, but also a lot of Hordes/Warmachine stuff that looks really cool.

*word verification: motorap
Is that biker-hiphop?

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Gunpla = Gundam Kits :P

Ahhh, i keep forgetting i have word verification on... I should probably turn that off at some stage lol