Monday, May 31, 2010

First Gundam Post!!

Two posts in a row? THIS IS MADNESS!!!


Last night I completed the 1/100 Deathscythe Hell Custom from Endless Waltz and I still feel 50/50 about it. Although I completed the 1/144 scale version several weeks ago, I can't seem to find myself giving either the 1/100 or the 1/144 higher rating since they both have some 'faults' that I think prevent it from being a really good kit.

Looks wise, the 1/100 looks great and I will definitely admit, the amount of construction work involved on the newer 1/144 scale versus HG from 10 years ago have really improved. I am glad that bits of the 1/144 were made into more individual parts on the 1/100 however the one thing that didnt sit well with me was the active cloak. Although I am glad it was made of several pieces, the connecter parts between each wing segment isn't as heavy duty as i was hoping (then again, it's only 1/100 HG, what can one expect). Still relatively happy about the kit itself, and I am glad that it has been finally assembled and it will definitely make a welcome addition to my collection.

Obviously with the Deathsycthe Hell Custom done, I've now started work on the Geara Zulu from the MS Gundam Unicorn range (which is a HG 1/144 scale kit) and will probably rotate that with the Gundam Nadleeh (HG 1/144 from Gundam 00). The Geara Zulu was an interesting one, when i was first shown the kit, it was the last kit in stock (from that day! talk about quick turn over) and I felt 50/50 about the kit. In the end, after it was skipped over by another customer, I grabbed the kit and so far, it hasn't been too bad. Still working on the main upper body, the amount of runners and color differentiation is an interesting change and now that I have versed myself with the first episode of Unicorn, I find my liking for the kit growing (not to mention, it will be the first Zaku-like kit I have ever put together!)

As for Nadleeh, haven't started on the kit just yet (decided to do Nadleeh in front of Virtue, as Virtue looked quite complex for 1/144). Should be interesting, although I hope Nadleeh isn't too 'weird' compared to Seraphim in Season 2. So hopefully later today Nadleeh will start getting it's torso put together and if I am feeling in the mood, I may slowly start on Virtue (1/144 HB from Gundam 00) and possibly even the SD BB Unicorn (MS Gundam Unicorn).

And yes, eventually I may take a picture or two of the done up Deathsycthe (and perhaps with it's small version too!)



Arjan said...

I was just going to say 'pics or it didn't happen'..but you already touched upon it :)

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Typical :P