Monday, June 14, 2010

Blitz Finished

Well, the Blitz Gundam is now finished (and yes I will post some pics soon!) Not too sure when however, as it appears my Graphics Card may have died last weekend, so next weekend i'll be catching up with friends to do a few things for them, and in return they'll get a new card installed etc etc.

In terms of kits now in progress, this is what i currently have:

- Geara Zulu (1/144 MS Gundam Unicorn)
- Strike Rouge + IWSP (1/144 Gundam Seed Destiny MSV)
- Providence Gundam (1/144 Gundam Seed)
- Gundam Virtue (1/144 Gundam 00)
- Gundam Nadleeh (1/144 Gundam 00)
- Gundam Throne Eins (1/144 Gundam 00)

Hoping to start up soon:

- Gundam Exia Repair II [CLEAR] (1/144 Gundam 00)
- 0 Gundam Type ACD [CLEAR]
(1/144 Gundam 00)

The Exia one will probably be closer to the end since I've already made an Exia and Exia Repair II kit previously.

Kits are still highly varied in terms of general 'quality', but that is to be expected. I guess having gone on that made rush with the Gundam 00 kits have really spoiled me a lot. Will note now though, the Providence kit was annoying! Some of the chest parts were quite small and fiddly, so there was numerous times when i was getting quite miffed at trying to put them into place. With the exception of the Eins, the other WIP kits have the main torso and heads done, so if i get a pic or two of the Blitz, i'll try to take one of those.

The other thing i also need to try to remember is how to insert images from Photobucket and then do the re-size within the blog so the pictures doesnt kill the blog layout *le sigh*



Arjan said...

@ size: just be sure to have the width under 350 or so.

It looks like the guys at photobucket decided to do things 'smart' again..fucking things up. I'd say, use the fullsize link (<a href etc) and add width=".." height=".."

There will be a photo update next weekend from my side. Expect a Trygon(prime)/Mawloc WIP!!!

*word verification 'scalize' I'm nót joking :P

Arjan said...

@ your friends, so you're a friend for hire now.. :P

Looking forward to the pics, I've been to lazy to google-image any of those gundam models (I know the series though).

tamedimpala said...
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The Angelus Sanctus said...

Yeah i looked up one of my older posts and reminded myself about the width/height concept again.

Oooh, looking to the WIP from you. I've seen the box for it and everything and thought, yeah, if i KNEW it wouldnt be a dust collector, i'd ponder it. although the way GW prices are going these days... Seriously.... wth...


Arjan said...

Maelstrom ftw:, under retail, free shipping across the globe and they've got 15% vouchers all the time.

Now start up that killteam.

The Angelus Sanctus said...

Hmm, not bad, must be doing good business if they have been around since 2002.

As for the Killteam, we'll see :P



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