Saturday, January 10, 2009

History Repeats!!

No big surprise really I guess, however work has been pretty hectic the last few weeks, so I am somewhat more drained than I was hoping. Even the two 4-day weekends wasn't sufficient enough to regain some general sanity and stability.

However, stuff does still go on! Just haven't picked up a brush in a wee bit, but i have been playing with plastic and hobby knives heaps!

I've been giving the Librarium Painting Challenge on the B&C a bit of though, although as weird as it sounds, if i do enter I will be so vague with my vow it won't be funny. Chances are it will be along the lines of a single miniature just because it doesn't seem 'extreme' for me given my general life style at this time. Plus if i can finish a single mini, means i'll just re-vow and do another, and if that goes another, etc etc.

Of course the only thing is that i don't want to complete something i've already posted, somewhat cheats it, so i am working on something that i would like to see to completion (and would give the army some focus).

So we'll see. I still have a few days to go before vow submission ends.